‘Survivor’: Andrea Boehlke Reveals the Moment That Had Her Running From the Cameras

In 2000 the reality television show Survivor was officially launched, and it became an instant television sensation. Since then, the CBS network has produced and aired over 40 seasons. The premise of the show centers around a group of contestants that are essentially stranded on an island battling for survival and, more importantly, a million dollars. The show that has won seven Primetime Emmys has become incredibly popular over the past two decades, and the former contestants and winners will often speak about their times and experiences on the reality television series. Not too long ago Andrea Boehlke, a Survivor legend, recently opened up about an experience that some might call embarrassing. 

Andrea Boehle smiling in front of a blue background
Andrea Boehle | David Crotty/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

A look back at Andrea Boehlke’s appearances on ‘Survivor’

Boehlke was first introduced to the Survivor community in 2011 on season 22. She was only 21 on Redemption Island, and though she didn’t win, she did manage to finish in 5th place as a Jury Member. Two years later in 2013, Boehlke returned to the reality television series for Season 26: Caramoan. Once again, the star from Survivor had found herself falling short of the million-dollar prize. In Season 34: Game Changers, fans and viewers found Boehlke returning to the screen for one more try. Even though Boehlke wasn’t able to pull out the win, she was able to create one unforgettable memory from her experience on Survivor

What moment had Andrea Boehlke running from the cameras on ‘Survivor’? 

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Most of the contestants from Survivor have probably at one point or another spoken about the challenges that come with entering the reality television series. Being left on a remote island with next to nothing comes with some obstacles, to the say the least. After appearing on three different seasons of the series, it seemed like Boehlke had a moment where she let the island get the best of her. When Boehlke set out to open a coconut on Season 34: Game Changers she later admitted to having a bit of a breakdown when she couldn’t manage it.

Down the line, she shared with Entertainment Weekly, “The cameras were all up in my business capturing this embarrassing moment where I couldn’t get it open.” It seems like it would have been a lot for anybody let alone for someone who has been living on a stranded island and is probably very hungry. As a result, Boehlke explained, “I ended up running out of camp and actually hid from the cameras and my tribemates as I had this epic meltdown over a coconut. I was legit peeking out of weeds to make sure nobody could find me, and that’s when I knew I had lost my mind.” 

Andrea Boehlke reflects on her meltdown on ‘Survivor’ 

Boehlke has always been very candid about her experiences on Survivor, and the former contestant has gone on the record admitting, “Survivor can make you do crazy and irrational things.” Though the coconut incident is Boehlke’s least favorite memory from the show, it seems like she is definitely able to laugh about it now. The cherry on top of the cake was the information Boehlke received after she had run away and hid in the weeds.

Upon her return, Boehlke made a bittersweet discovery. As the star explained, “I found out later the coconut was super old and other people had trouble opening it as well. So, all that drama for nothing.” Fans and viewers of Survivor can probably agree that it makes sense for something seemingly small could break someone on the island. It will be interesting to see if Boehlke ever considers returning to the hit reality television series for one more final try.