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Survivor contestants endure being stranded on a deserted island and dealing with treacherous weather conditions. But that’s not all. In addition to following strict rules — like being allowed only two luxury items and not talking to the crew — players must compete in various challenges. One of the most notorious is the “Piranha Feast.” And it’s as disgusting as it sounds.

What is the ‘Survivor’ challenge Piranha Feast? 

Survivor challenge Piranha Feast Survivor South Pacific
‘Survivor: South Pacific’ castmates Jim Rice, Whitney Duncan, Keith Tollefson, Dawn Meehan, and Elyse Umemoto | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

This recurring Survivor challenge involved contestants using their mouths to rip hunks of meat off a large roasted animal and placing them into a basket. The tribe with the most meat in the basket when the timer stopped won.

The CBS reality TV show introduced the Piranha Feast — also known as “Hungry for Love” and “Pig Out” —  in season 6, Survivor: The Amazon.

The challenge returned in the 16th season, Survivor: Fiji, where the player with the most meat by weight received an advantage in the Immunity Challenge. The top three also got to go on a river rafting trip.

Piranha Feast appeared for the last time in season 23, Survivor: South Pacific. And that’s when the trouble happened.

Contestants suffered mouth injuries during Piranha Feast in ‘Survivor’ Season 23

Understandably, most participants see Piranha Feast as pretty gross. But the time Survivor: South Pacific presented the challenge, it led to more than upset stomachs. Several contestants reported injuries such as cuts to their mouths and chipped teeth. 

This time around, the Piranha Feast used a slab of pork. The Upolu tribe won the challenge and received not only immunity but also vegetables and spices as a bonus. Unfortunately, the challenge injured players.

Watching the contestants spit fatty chunks of pork into the basket was unpleasant enough. Even host Jeff Probst declared it the grossest challenge ever. But it was also among the most dangerous.

A half-dozen participants reported receiving injuries during the challenge, including bloody mouths, cut lips, and chipped teeth. Contestant Ozzy Lusth even dislocated his jaw.

It’s unclear why this round of the disgusting challenge produced so many injuries. Regardless, Survivor hasn’t revived the Piranha Feast since that episode.

‘Survivor’ is known for gross food moments

The Piranha Feast challenge was unpleasant to watch (and to participate in, no doubt), but it isn’t the only gross food moment in the show’s history.

In past episodes, the castaways have had to feast on pig snouts, giant water beetles, scorpions, and other critters. According to CBS, they’ve also “plunged their faces into foul-smelling fermented fish” called fafaru.

We can only hope the shot at the $1 million prize is worth the pain and suffering.