‘Survivor’ Fans Say It’s ‘Hilarious’ How the Tori and Rocksroy Feud Ended

Feuds tend to form on original tribes on Survivor and season 42 followed that tradition. It didn’t take long for Tori Meehan and Rocksroy Bailey to clash. Fans love how the feud ended.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Survivor Season 42 episode “Game of Chicken”].

Tori and Rocksroy started on the Ika Tribe on ‘Survivor’

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Tori and Rocksroy started on the Ika Tribe at the beginning of the season. However, things didn’t play out smoothly between them. Swati Goel proposed to Tori they pull in Rocksroy to get the numbers, but Tori was against this.

“I don’t get along with Rocks very well,” she said in “Vibe of the Tribe.” “He annoys the freak out of me.” Tori told the camera that it’s hard to work with him because “his way is like the way and it’s really frustrating.” She also likened him to a narcissist as a therapist.

Tori tried to work with him anyway and told him about Drea Wheeler’s extra vote. He betrayed her by telling Drea about this. The tribe still blindsided Rocksroy after that. 

After the merge, things didn’t get better between Tori and Rocksroy. Rocksory wanted to make a men’s alliance and target women.

“Game of Chicken” split the cast into two tribes. The first one voted out Rocksroy because he was harder to work with. The second one voted out Tori because Drea and Maryanne Oketch used their idols.

‘Survivor’ fans laugh at Tori and Rocksroy getting voted out on the same night

Rocksroy Bailey, Romeo Escobar and Tori Meehan celebrate during a competiton on 'Survivor 42'.
Rocksroy Bailey, Romeo Escobar and Tori Meehan on ‘Survivor 42’ | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

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Fans are finding the humor in Tori and Rocksroy going to the jury on the same night. They shared their reactions to the episode on Reddit.

I think its hilarious that Tori and Rocksroy ended up both going home in the same episode, and they couldn’t even vote for each other even though they feuded for the whole premerge. Its poetic,” one fan wrote.

“Tori and Rocksroy going home on the same episode just feels right somehow, like their fates were intertwined,” another person replied.

“Rocksroy’s one and only solace is knowing that him getting voted out inadvertently led to Tori getting voted out,” a third fan commented.

Rocksroy after being voted out: ‘Finally, I can enjoy some me time without those nagging girls.’ Tori gets voted out right after: :)” a fourth fan wrote.

Rocksroy being out can impact the game

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The next episode will be interesting. Technically there was supposed to be a men’s alliance, so Hai Giang and Mike Turner will have to explain taking out Rocksroy to Jonathan Young.

In the end, the reason Hai turned on Rocksroy was the same reason Tori didn’t want to work with him, and that was his social game. Fans will have to wait and see what this will mean for the men’s game in the future.