‘Survivor’ Fans Think These Players Could Take Over For Jeff Probst

Jeff Probst may be nearing the end of his Survivor tenure. After 20 years and 40 seasons on the air, Probst has wondered how much longer the show can last. Although he’s not ready to go, he’s not sure the show will make it to season 50. While fans don’t want to see Probst go, there’s a chance he will need a replacement one day.

According to fans on Reddit, if the producers did pick a new host, it would be exciting to make it a former player. Many of the contestants on Survivor have gone on to have careers in entertainment, including hosting other shows. Here are fans’ top picks for future hosts. 

Jeff Probst smiling, sitting at tribal council
Jeff Probst | CBS via Getty Images

Boston Rob 

Rob Mariano, known mostly as Boston Rob, was very popular on the show. He and his wife, Amber Mariano, actually met during Survivor: All Stars. They now have four kids together. Although fans would love to see Boston Rob as host, one Redditor isn’t hopeful he would accept the job. “I personally don’t think it would be him, but mainly because he would probably be the one to say no.” Although Boston Rob may be a top choice to replace Probst as host, he was actually voted off Survivor: Winners at War.  

John Cochran

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Like Boston Rob, John Cochran, winner of Survivor: Caramoan, was offered a spot on Survivor: Winners at War. Unlike Boston Rob, Cochran declined. He’s been vocal about the fact that he doesn’t think an all-winner season is a good idea. But even so, fans think Cochran would be a perfect choice for a host after Probst. Fans see Cochran as “smart, humorous, and quick-witted.” He clearly has the mind for television, which is why he has an opinion on the Winners at War season in the first place. Cochran and Probst are also friends, so it would probably be an easy transition. Cochran also has extensive knowledge of the game. He was a fan first, and then came in eighth place on Survivor: South Pacific before going on to win Survivor: Caramoan.

Andrea Boehlke

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Although Andrea Boehlke has never won Survivorshe has played the game many times, and fans think she could make a great host. Boehlke had overwhelming support, at least on Reddit. Boehlke has appeared on three seasons of Survivor. Even though she’s not a winner, fans have gotten to know her well enough to love her. Plus, she’s already in entertainment. Boehlke leveraged her Survivor fame to get a position hosting People TVBut not all fans are convinced. One poster wrote, “Her personality just seems kind of bland to me.” Boehlke may not want to give up her People TV gig to host Survivor, anyway. Traveling with the show would likely be much more grueling and time-consuming than her current job. 

Parvati Shallow

Parvati Shallow is another player-turned-TV-host who may already have the experience necessary to jump right into Probst’s position. She hosted the Survivor After Show, and unlike Boehlke, she’s a former winner. Shallow won Survivor: Micronesia. She’s a fan favorite. One fan wrote that she “certainly has the face and personality for television.” Other fans aren’t so sure. Some think that Shallow’s family obligations may keep her from taking on a job with that much travel. 

Malcolm Freberg

Fans think Malcolm Freberg’s age would make him the perfect choice for a host. After all, Probst hosted for 20 years. Producers may want the next host to be able to make the same commitment, and if that’s the case, Freberg would be the ideal choice. He’s young, and fans think he’s good looking enough for TV. He competed on both Survivor: Philippines and Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites. Freberg’s charm and pretty face may have made him a fan favorite, but he might not have the experience to make his way back to the show as a host.

While Jeff Probst seems to have no plans to leave anytime soon, it’s interesting to see who fans would want to see take his place.