‘Survivor’: Fans Think They Found the Ponderosa Resort in Fiji

Survivor is one of the most iconic shows on TV. It has been around for 40 seasons and has managed to gather a significant fan base. The show is usually filmed on an exotic island, and contestants vote each other out until the last winner gets announced.

Every time a contestant gets voted out, they receive a medical evaluation then get shipped out to a lavish resort in Fiji called Ponderosa. Some of the show’s fans recently revealed that think they had found the luxurious resort. Read on to learn more about the fan speculations and more about the resort.

Survivor cast walking on a beach in front of the ocean
Survivor | CBS via Getty Images

The premise of ‘Survivor’

Survivor is a game show that follows a group of contestants as they compete against one another in a series of challenges for the grand prize of one million dollars. The show pits anywhere from 16 to 20 contestants split into two factions referred to as Tribes.

The teams are taken to remote islands and are required to live in a warm climate fending for themselves. The contestants are required to compete against rival tribes for items such as food and immunity. If one team gets immunity, the rival team is forced to attend the Tribal Council, where they vote off one of their teammates.

The contestants who get voted out early on in the show become part of the jury. Once the contestants get downsized to two or three players, a final Tribal Council convenes, and the remaining contestants make their cases to the jury.

The jury then votes for the player they consider is the Sole Survivor. The chosen Survivor takes home the grand prize while the second and third runners-up take home a bit less. The other participants also don’t leave empty-handed. They get compensated for their time in the show.

Most sources estimate the consolation prize that other contestants receive to be around $10,000. The contestants who get voted out also get a vacation in a private resort in Fiji called Ponderosa, where they get to take their minds off the game.

The show has been filmed in several locations such as Nicaragua, Fiji, and Thailand. Recently, the show made Fiji their permanent home. Host Jeff Probst noted that Fiji covers half of the show’s costs making filming in Fiji cheaper.

Ponderosa is a resort located in Fiji

Two types of contestants stay at Ponderosa. The first group is the contestants who got voted out earlier on in the game. The other group is the one that got voted out after the rival tribes merge. Those who got voted out pre-merge don’t form the jury, and once the tribes merge, the ones who got voted out before have to leave the resort.

The group that got voted after the merge remains in Ponderosa to decide on their ultimate choice for the title of Sole Survivor and the grand prize. They also appear for the Tribal Council. Although the former contestants at Ponderosa lost out on an opportunity to win a million dollars, they get a short vacation and enjoy the things they missed out on while competing in the game.

They have access to plenty of food, alcohol, warm blankets, and beds. However, they don’t have access to social media and are technically left in the dark in terms of the internet. They, however, have access to television and video game consoles.

Fans think they found the resort


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Although Survivor showrunners try to keep the show’s location private, some fans seem to have located the resort. Some fans on Reddit posted what they think is Ponderosa. Fans found the Serenity Island Resort featured on TripAdvisor and have some interesting reasons they think this could be the Ponderosa resort. One fan explained why they believe the place they found was the luxurious resort is the long dock that is usually at the beginning of Ponderosa videos. The show’s producers have not yet confirmed any of the fan theories about the location, so it looks like Survivor fans have just found the perfect Survivor-like getaway!