‘Survivor’ Host Jeff Probst’s Net Worth and How Long He Thinks the Show Will Last

When it comes to reality TV show hosts who are just as pivotal to the show as the contestants, no one can beat Jeff Probst. From famous phrases while snuffing out torches like “the tribe has spoken” to his gleeful “come on in, guys!” as contestants are entering a new immunity challenge, Survivor fans can’t imagine what the show would be like without Jeff’s commentary.

Now, 18 years after Survivor first began, we’re 37 seasons into the show — and Jeff is still thriving as the show’s most consistent presence. Here’s his net worth, as well as how long he expects Survivor to keep running for.

How Jeff Probst first started working on Survivor 

Jeff Probst from ‘Survivor’

Survivor host Jeff Probst | Kevin Winter/ImageDirect/Getty Images

Jeff has been a part of the show for all 37 seasons — and just as we’ve seen the gameplay of the show evolve, we’ve also watched the host find his footing with the audience. It wasn’t always easy for him to get a big-name TV gig, however. “I reached a point after Access Hollywood … and I was saying no to a lot of jobs,” Jeff told the Television Academy Foundation. “I reached a point where I thought I want the next job to be one that I really can sink my teeth into.”

After that, Jeff mentioned he was being offered gigs on dating and game shows — but they didn’t seem like the right fit. “I waited a year and a half and I got down to $8,000 in my bank account … I saw no dollar coming in.” But that’s when Survivor started coming into play. After Jeff interviewed to host two large gameshows but came up short for both, he heard his local radio station discussing a new show (which we now know as Survivor). He listened to the concept and knew it was brilliant and wanted to be a part of it. Jeff went on to interview for the role of host, and the rest is history.

There were a few moments when he didn’t picture staying with the show for long

Jeff Probst from Survivor

Jeff Probst from Survivor | Jeff Probst via Instagram

While Jeff knew he was the best option for hosting Survivor when it began, he never pictured the show running for as long as it had. And back when it was just on Season 5, Entertainment Weekly notes he was considering exploring other professional avenues. His contract only brought him to Season 12 — and after that, he had a choice to make. Would he leave CBS, or continue with hosting one of America’s favorite reality series?

We know now that Jeff decided to stick with Survivor — and he’s glad he did. But something else seemed to shift. Not only was he host, but he also became an executive producer. He was able to add more of his personality into the show itself, and he had a hand in the other creative aspects of the show. Taking on a role that gave him more creative freedom drove him to stick with it.

He still loves the show and doesn’t ever see it ending

Jeff Probst (R) on the set of "Survivor"

Jeff Probst (R) on the set of Survivor | Jeff Probst via Instagram

When will Survivor end? Entertainment Weekly notes Jeff will be around for seasons to come, as Season 38 is underway, casting has begun for Season 39, and Jeff has also discussed what he wants to do for Season 40. As long as Jeff still wants to be a part of the show, the show definitely isn’t ending anytime soon. As Jeff told People, “I’ve got a great job that has me doing what I love. I’m looking forward to many more seasons.”

“Anybody who meets me and talks about Survivor always walks away with the same takeaway: ‘Wow, that guy is still super enthusiastic,'” Jeff told People. “The reason why I’m still enthusiastic today is the same reason why I wanted the job so badly back in 2000: I love humans. I love human behavior. … It just never gets old.”

Jeff’s total net worth

While he’s certainly amassed his fortune through reality TV, Survivor has opened up other money-making avenues for Jeff over the years. Entertainment Weekly notes he’s written and directed films, briefly hosted a talk show, and also co-wrote children’s books. According to Celebrity Net Worth, all of his ventures put Jeff at a net worth of around $40 million today, and his salary from Survivor stands at about $4 million per year. Not bad for a man who once had less than $8,000 to his name.

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