‘Survivor’ Star Jonny Fairplay Arrested for Allegedly Stealing From Grandma He Involved in Infamous Lie

Notorious villain Jon “Jonny Fairplay” Dalton from Survivor made history when he lied and claimed his grandma died to earn sympathy from his tribemates. Nearly 20 years later, the reality star and his mother are being accused of stealing from the same grandmother.

Jonny Fairplay (right) and grandmother Jean Cook at 'Survivor' finale
Jonny Fairplay (right) and grandmother Jean Cook at ‘Survivor’ finale | Justin Kahn

Jonny Fairplay and infamous grandma lie from ‘Survivor’

In 2003, then 29-year-old art consultant Jon “Jonny Fairplay” Dalton debuted on Survivor: Pearl Islands, the seventh installment of the franchise. With his cutthroat approach, the California native quickly became a polarizing character that fans loved to hate.

During the family visits, the California native cemented himself as one of the most notorious villains when he lied about his grandmother dying to receive sympathy and win the challenge.

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The Survivor star admitted he already had the fib planned before arriving on the show and joked that his grandmother was at home “watching Jerry Springer.”

Regarded as one of the most memorable moments of the show, fans are divided as some believe he went too far. The 29-year-old lasted until the final three, but Lillian Morris cut him, as she didn’t think he deserved it.

Jonny Fairplay became a professional wrestler and reality star

Following his unforgettable moments on the series, Fairplay enjoyed a successful career in professional wrestling where he won a Best Non-Sports Sports Moment ESPY Award for getting body slammed by former NFL linebacker Brian Urlacher.

Additionally, the Survivor star appeared on multiple reality shows, including MTV’s True Life, Bravo’s Celebrity Poker Showdown, A&E’s Inked, and E! ’s Kill Reality.

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His unforgettable appearances on reality television earned him The Most Memorable Reality Star in the History of Reality Television honor from Fox Reality. It also landed him a spot on fans vs. favorite’s season, Survivor: Micronesia, five years later.

He initially had a good footing in the tribe, and both alliances believed he would vote with them. However, after his team lost the first immunity challenge, the Survivor star asked his tribemates to send him home first to spend time with his pregnant girlfriend, America’s Next Top Model cycle four star, Michelle Deighton.

Jonny Fairplay arrested for allegedly stealing from grandma

After his last appearance on Survivor, the notorious villain remained in the reality television sphere by appearing on The Celebrity Newlywed Game, Dr. Phil, Celebrity Fear Factor, and Pawn Stars.

Additionally, the reality star is under contract with Wizard World to appear at its comic book conventions. Fairplay has also continued his professional wrestling career and currently hosts the podcast Reality NSFW.

In December 2020, the reality star landed in jail alongside his mother, Patsy Hall, for larceny.

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According to the arrest warrant filed by Fairplay’s grandma’s daughter, his aunt, the former wrestler’s mother abused the grandmother by taking advantage of her dementia.

The warrant accuses the reality star of stealing furniture, bar stools, a leather chair, an end table, and a silver necklace reportedly worth up to $5,000 from the grandmother he involved in his infamous lie, Jean Cook.

After their arrest, Fairplay told TMZ, “I (we) have been unjustly charged by a family member. I welcome the opportunity to vindicate myself (and my mother).”