‘Survivor’: Rocksroy Claims the Men’s Alliance Included 1 Woman

The men talked about teaming up on Survivor 42. But the person who came up with the idea claims a woman was included. Here is what Rocksroy Bailey said wasn’t shown in the episode.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Survivor Season 42 episode “Game of Chicken”].

Rocksroy tried to make a men’s alliance on ‘Survivor 42’

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The castaways are still trying to figure out who they want to move forward with after the merge. “Game of Chicken” showed Rocksroy approaching Jonathan Young and Mike Turner to align with the five men left in the game. They figured the men would be targeted as threats, so they should stick together.

However, Omar Zaheer was against this because he knew he’d be at the bottom of the alliance. Hai Giang also didn’t like the plan and called the alliance the “misogyny club.” 

The cast was split into two groups that had their own Tribal Council. Hai saw the opportunity to take out Rocksroy because he was harder to work with and succeeded. Some fans were offended by the men’s alliance, but Rocksroy claimed a woman was involved.

Rocksroy claims the men’s alliance included 1 woman

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Rocksroy talked to Rob Cesternino about his last days in the game. He explained his bond with Drea Wheeler.

“I think that Drea and I had a silent understanding of each other,” he said. “She knew that I was working in the best interest in the beginning of Ika.” He said they bonded and didn’t need to talk about how they were going to defend each other in the game. 

Cesternino asked if he was more loyal to Drea and his other Ika Tribe members or this male alliance? “What they didn’t show last night when I said let’s be in alliance with the guys I said, but we also have to have Drea with us,” he claimed. “And Mike goes, ‘Yeah, Drea! That’s great, Rocks.'” He said Jonathan also agreed. “I said as long as Drea is with us, I’m good,” he added. 

Drea saved herself after seeing Rocksroy on the jury

Rocksroy Bailey and Drea Wheeler sit together at camp on 'Survivor 42'.
Rocksroy Bailey and Drea Wheeler on ‘Survivor 42’ | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

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Drea was in the second group and saw Rocksroy was voted out. She switched her plan when she realized the first two people on the jury were Black, and she could be following them. She was right since Jonathan led a plan to vote out Drea because of her idol.

Drea and Maryanne Oketch played their idols to save themselves. Tori Meehan was then voted out. 

Rocksroy and Tori didn’t get along for most of the game. But in the same interview, he gave his feelings about the friction between them. “I grew up in New York City, big city,” he said. “Tori grew up in Oklahoma, country girl. Yes, how we related was sometimes kinda like oil and water. But I really had no conflict with Tori.” He said their differences came in their gameplay where she focused on the social, and he just wanted to be needed around camp to be kept safe.