‘Survivor’ Season 41: How Long Is the Finale? What Time Does it Begin?

Survivor Season 41 comes to a close on Dec. 15, 2021. Host Jeff Probst promised the season wouldn’t be like any other, and it didn’t disappoint. The players dealt with more twists and turns during their 26 days of gameplay than other contestants playing for 39 days ever had to deal with. So, how long is Survivor tonight, Dec. 15, and what time does the Survivor Season 41 finale begin?

Xander, Deshawn, Heather, Erika, and Ricard made it to the final 5 in the ‘Survivor’ Season 41 finale

Xander and Erika talking on 'Survivor' Season 41
Xander and Erika | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

The Survivor Season 41 finale begins with five players still in the game — Xander Hastings, Heather Aldret, Erika Casupanan, Ricard Foyé, and Deshawn Radden. The episode prior to the finale showed Deshawn might be in trouble, as his closest ally, Danny McCray, was sent home. Additionally, he put a target on his back after spilling insider strategies from Erika with the rest of the tribe.

With that said, Deshawn still has an impressive resume. The Survivor Instagram noted Deshawn risked his vote to earn an extra vote, blindsided Evvie, Shan, and Liana, and made it through the Do or Die twist.

As for Xander, the young player also risked his vote to earn an extra vote, gave up trying to win immunity so his tribe could get food, played a fake idol and ruined Liana’s plan, found a hidden immunity idol, and won individual immunity.

The Instagram post notes Heather never gave up her chance to win immunity during challenges, and she’s been on the right side of the votes the entire game. Erika smashed the hourglass that turned the game around after surviving on Exile Island, blindsided Naseer, and won individual immunity.

Ricard has a large target on his back moving forward, too. He and Shan took out every other player on the Ua Tribe, he won individual immunity three times, and he blindsided Naseer and Shan.

How long is ‘Survivor’ tonight, Dec. 15, 2021? What time does it start?

So, how long is Survivor tonight, Dec. 15, 2021? The Survivor Season 41 finale is slated to last three hours. The first hour of the finale will likely bring the final five players down to a final three. Then, the jury will deliberate and cast their votes for the winner, and Jeff Probst will read the winner’s name aloud in Fiji. The final hour of the finale will likely center on the reunion special.

The finale begins at 8 p.m. EST on CBS, and those with Paramount+ can also stream it live.

Probst gave fans some intel on his social media about what’s to come. “It’s a really packed finale,” Probst explains in a video. “Plus, we’re going to reveal the winner in the jungle, which we haven’t done since we did it with Richard Hatch back in 2000 in our first season.”

Probst then notes the “Survivor Aftershow” comes directly after the votes are read. “We’re going to talk to the jury and the final three immediately after the vote,” he adds. “So, they’re still raw. The final three are still dirty and hungry. We’re going to bring in some champagne and some pizza to have a really cool, honest, candid, raw conversation.”

When is the ‘Survivor’ Season 42 air date?

With the Survivor Season 41 finale happening on Dec. 15, fans want to know what’s to come for Survivor Season 42. The new season is slated to premiere on Wednesday, March 9, 2022, at 8 p.m. EST on CBS. The premiere will likely be two hours long, and, of course, Jeff Probst will return as executive producer and host.

Survivor Season 42 will follow a similar format to season 41. Due to quarantining, the gameplay will go on for 26 days instead of the typical 39 — and Probst noted this may continue on forever. Additionally, the season likely won’t have a theme.

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