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Survivor Season 42 is officially over, and the Sole Survivor has been crowned. This season involved intense, shortened gameplay with more twists than ever before. And the top three contestants — Mike Turner, Maryanne Oketch, and Romeo Escobar — played as hard as they could. In the end, Mike only received one jury vote. So, who voted for Mike Turner to get the $1 million?

[Spoiler alert: Survivor Season 42 spoilers ahead regarding the finale and who won the title of Sole Survivor.]

Who won ‘Survivor’ Season 42?

Jonathan Young, Mike Turner, and Maryanne Oketch sitting together in 'Survivor' Season 42
Jonathan Young, Mike Turner, and Maryanne Oketch | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

Mike, Maryanne, and Romeo made it to the final three. Who won Survivor Season 42? The title of Sole Survivor goes to Maryanne.

During the final four, Romeo won the final immunity challenge, giving him the power to choose one person to take to the finale and two others to compete in a fire-making challenge for the final spot. Mike asked Romeo to throw him into the fire-making challenge. Romeo complied, and he also threw Jonathan to compete against him. Despite Jonathan having excellent fire-making skills, Mike won, bringing him into the final three.

Mike thought his great social gameplay and fire-making against Jonathan would get him more votes from the jury. Ultimately, he didn’t stick the landing. Maryanne showed the jury she had the final immunity idol the whole time, swinging them to her side.

“Yes, I really could feel the momentum swinging,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “I feel as if the clincher was when I whipped out that hidden immunity idol and then people were like, ‘Oh my gosh! All the pieces are coming together. This makes sense. She’s been thinking this whole time.’ And I had tangible evidence that I was.”

Who voted for Mike on ‘Survivor’ Season 42?

Mike Turner competing in a challenge in 'Survivor' Season 42
Mike Turner | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

Mike only received one vote from the jury. So, who voted for Mike on Survivor Season 42?

Mike received one vote from his friend and ally, Jonathan. “Jonathan was very loyal to me from the merge on,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “He told me about the Omar nullifier that changed the trajectory of how we played the rest of the game because then I knew Omar wasn’t being honest with me. And then that told me that Lindsay wasn’t being honest with me.”

Maryanne shared that she was surprised Rocksroy voted in her favor. As for Mike, he was surprised that he didn’t get Lindsay’s vote. “I thought Lindsay was a Jersey girl,” he admitted. “We worked hard together. I think she took it very personally when I chose Jonathan over her. I get it. That’s the only one that really surprised me.”

Jeff Probst commented on the future of the show after the finale

Jeff Probst extinguishing Hai's torch in 'Survivor' Season 42
Hai Giang and Jeff Probst | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

‘Survivor’: Jeff Probst Admits It’s ‘Too Early’ to Know if the Game Will Ever Return to a 39-Day Schedule

Now that Survivor Season 42 is over, what’s next for Survivor Season 43? According to Survivor host Jeff Probst, the shortened gameplay is here to stay. And that also means the new twists and turns will make a comeback in future seasons.

“This new 26-day game centered around limited supplies, no food, and penalties for losing was not designed as a one-off,” the host shared with TV Insider. “We designed this specifically to give us a new game to play, and we believe there are still a lot of layers in this new game that we haven’t even begun to explore.”

Probst then verified that “this version of Survivor is here to stay, at least for the short term. This means players should start to anticipate certain elements of this new era, like smaller tribes, no food, and having to earn it every day.”

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