‘Survivor’ Season 43 Potential Winner Spoilers: Read At Your Own Risk

Fall is finally here, along with the Survivor Season 43 premiere on CBS and a slew of spoilers about who the winner is in 2022. Although Jeff Probst would not approve of these leaks, a few sleuth fans believe they know who wins this reality TV competition season. Find out every spoiler leaked about the season 43 winner and final three and whether we think it is true. This article will be updated as the season progresses.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers about the Survivor Season 43 winners and tribal councils].

‘Survivor’ Season 43 spoilers: Which tribe goes to tribal council first?

For Survivor Season 43, the producers split the 18 castaways into three small tribes. Elie Scott, Mike Gabler, Morriah Young, Owen Knight, Jeanine Zheng, and Sami Layadi make up the yellow Baka tribe. Meanwhile, James Jones, Lindsay Carmine, Ryan Medrano, Geo Bustamante, Karla Cruz Godoy, and Cassidy Clark comprise the blue Coco tribe. Lastly, Dwight Moore, Nneka Ejere, Cody Assenmacher, Noelle Lambert, Jesse Lopez, and Justine Brennan compete with the red Vesi tribe buffs to begin season 43.

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According to the complete Spoiled Survivor document, the red tribe, Vesi, heads to tribal council first in the season 43 premiere. Then the yellow Baka tribe heads to tribal council second. This spoiler was confirmed because the source provided accurate information about the Survivor 43 logo before CBS released it.

‘Survivor’ Season 43 players who make it to the merge?

'Survivor' Season 43 potential winner Elie Scott and Jeanine Zheng sitting together while Jeanine works on the shelter
‘Survivor’ Season 43: Elisabeth “Elie” Scott and Jeanine Zheng | Robert Voets/CBS/ Getty Images

If you’re wondering who you should keep an eye out for while watching Survivor Season 43, we have a list of the potential players who make it to the merge. According to the same Spoiled Survivor document, one source believes the final five players come down to Elie, Jesse, Karla, Owen, and Sami. However, another source reports that the final seven players include Elie, Jesse, Karla, Dwight, Sami, Lindsay, and Jay. 

The two sources conflict in the final five, so at this point, we can speculate that the following eight competitors make it to the merge: Elie, Jesse, Karla, Owen, Sami, Dwight, Lindsay, and Jay. 

The potential winner of ‘Survivor’ Season 43 based on spoilers: Elie Scott

Based on the current spoilers, the final three in Survivor Season 43 probably come down to Elie, Jesse, and Karla. Three separate sources confirmed these three people make it very far in the season. However, the winner is more challenging to guess. 

One source believes that Elie wins Survivor Season 43. However, that is not confirmed and is only speculation at this point. The same person also believes that Elie is aligned with Sami pre-merge. Although a few other speculative spoilers point to Sami or Lindsay as the winner, based on all sources, Elie is the most likely. 

Elie Scott is a 31-year-old clinical psychologist from Salt Lake City, Utah. Going into Survivor 43, Elie felt she was a solid contender to win because her secret power is getting individuals to talk about their traumas.

“I plan to play a really social game,” Elie reflected in her Survivor biography clip. “I think of myself a lot like Cirie Fields. She was super flashy — a gangster in an Oprah suit. I think that I am a wolf in a Brenee Brown suit. I’m obsessed with SurvivorSurvivor is not just a competition. It’s a vessel for growth and transformation.”

Survivor Season 43 premieres on CBS and Paramount+ on Sept. 21, 2022, at 8 p.m. ET.

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