‘Survivor’ Season 43: Spoilers Point to This ‘Big Player’ as a ‘Huge Threat’ 

When Survivor Season 43 premieres on CBS on September 21, 2022, viewers meet 18 brand-new players. However, they filmed the season in the spring of 2022, so many spoilers are flying around about the reality TV competition. Some sleuth fans believe they know who wins season 43, while others know who the significant threats are. Take a look at who some fans believe is the “Big player” this season. 

[Spoiler alert: This article contains potential spoilers about Survivor Season 43].

‘Survivor’ Season 43 spoilers: Lindsay is ‘a huge threat’

One unnamed source from the blue CoCo tribe reported that Lindsay Carmine is “a huge threat” in Survivor Season 43. The other players on the tribe with Lindsay include James Jones, Ryan Medrano, Geo Bustamante, Karla Cruz Godoy, and Cassidy Clark. 

A Redditor revealed that they know someone from the Survivor Season 43 cast. The player wishes to remain anonymous, but they were “really disappointed with their experience.”

“They implied that an ‘older woman’ is one of the big players of the season,” the person wrote on Reddit. “My acquaintance is not sure if this ‘older woman’ wins or not by the way the player referred to her, but he’s pretty sure she makes the endgame as a big jury threat/contender.”

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The Redditor then revealed the “older woman” to be Lindsay — who is 42. However, she’s not the oldest person in season 43. Nneka Ejere is 43 and Mike Gabler is 52. But in the age range of the show this season, Lindsay is one of the oldest players.

“They told my acquaintance that they tried to warn people about [Lindsay] being a huge threat since early on and the other players just didn’t listen to them,” a friend of the source reported. “They didn’t tell my acquaintance the identity of the winner since they think that could get them in trouble. I personally think she may be the winner since all the frustration about not being able to get her out would be a little odd if not, but that is just speculation.”

‘Survivor’ Season 43: Who is Lindsay Carmine?

'Survivor' Season 43 cast members Ryan Medrano and Lindsay Carmine participating in a challenge together
‘Survivor’ Season 43: Coco Tribe: Ryan Medrano and Lindsay Carmine | Robert Voets/CBS/Getty Images

Lindsay Carmine is a pediatric nurse from Downingtown, Pennsylvania. According to her Instagram account, she has two children — Madeline and Charlie. She shared that her kids recently headed back to school in the 7th and 5th grades. Lindsay spent the majority of her summer as a camp nurse in New Hampshire, at Camp Walt Whitman, with her children. On July 25, 2022, Lindsay and her husband, Andrew, celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary.

Lindsay worked as a registered nurse throughout the coronavirus pandemic and shared her PPE removal after work in several posts. She cried happy tears when she finally received her first COVID-19 vaccine and shared her belief in science, herd immunity, and vaccines. 

Lindsay’s goals for Season 43

In a pre-game interview, Lindsay shared why she has valuable skills that could take her far in Survivor

“In order to be a successful nurse, you have to be able to thrive in chaos,” Lindsay said in her pre-game interview. “I’m hoping I can use those skills to win the game of Survivor. As one of the oldest players, I think people are going to underestimate me, so I’m excited to come out here and take risks that I’m not able to take in my everyday life.”

Lindsay did not waste any time putting herself out there in Survivor Season 43 if one of her tribe mates complained that she was a huge threat. 

“When I make it to the final three, the one thing that I’m going to remember is advice that my dad had given me a long time ago,” she added. “He said, ‘When you’re at that last mile of a marathon, are you going to speed up or slow down?’ So, I’m going to make sure that when I cross that finish line, I’m going as fast as I possibly can.”

We do not have any other speculation that Lindsay Carmine wins Survivor Season 43, but according to our spoilers, she does make it to the merge.

Survivor Season 43 premieres on CBS and Paramount+ on Sept. 21, 2022, at 8 p.m. ET. 

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