‘Survivor’: Spencer Bledsoe Recaps a Wholesome Moment With Keith Nale

CBS gave reality television a new face when the network released Survivor in 2000. The unique reality television series challenges a group of contestants to compete on a remote island for survival and one million dollars. Each season has a designated theme with unexpected twists and turns built-in for the players and the viewers. Action, entertainment, strategy, and drama are just a few of the things to expect when tuning in.

Over the years, the audience has witnessed their fair share of unforgettable moments and contestants, and Spencer Bledsoe was one of them. See what the star from Survivor had to say about his time on the show and how Keith Nale will always be connected to his experience. 

(L-R) Contestants Keith Nale, Kelley Wentworth, Kimmi Kappenberg, Jeremy Collins, Latasha "Tasha" Fox and Spencer Bledsoe smiling in front of a 'Survivor' logo
(L-R) Contestants Keith Nale, Kelley Wentworth, Kimmi Kappenberg, Jeremy Collins, Latasha “Tasha” Fox and Spencer Bledsoe | David Livingston/Getty Images

Spencer Bledsoe & Keith Nale’s history on the popular television show ‘Survivor’ 

Bledsoe first entered the Survivor scene in 2014 on season 28. The contestant was only 22 years old at the time. Viewers at home were probably pretty impressed with him as he strategically made it from one of the worst tribes in the history of the show to the final four before his game came to an end. Luckily, Bledsoe was invited back for Season 31: Cambodia. This is where Bledsoe and Nale’s paths crossed on-screen, and their relationship began to form.

Keith Nale was first introduced on CBS’ Survivor during Season 29: San Juan Del Sur. Similarly to Bledsoe, Nale managed to land a 4th place spot before being eliminated. During his time on the show, he earned a reputation as the underdog. Nale and Bledsoe finally had the opportunity to work, play, compete, and collaborate together in 2015 when season 31 began filming. The two seemed to have a good dynamic and were able to work together as alliances in Survivor: Cambodia

What moment did Spencer Bledsoe reveal was his most painful memory from ‘Survivor’? 

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Fighting for survival on a remote island for a long period of time sounds exhausting, to say the least. Over the past two decades, CBS has aired countless contestants having emotional breakdowns, heated arguments, and unexpected accidents when it comes to Survivor. Physical ailments and illness definitely fall into this category, and Bledsoe can, unfortunately, relate. The former contestant of the popular reality television series later admitted that his most painful memory on Survivor took place during season 31 in 2015.

Toward the very end of the season Bledsoe had gotten terribly sick. As Entertainment Weekly reports, he explained, “Around day 30 of Survivor: Cambodia. I fell ill, and knew something was wrong when in the hot Cambodian night, blankets weren’t doing it and I wanted to be by the fire.” He went on to kid, “Fever and starving are a worse combo than Rodney’s chicken parm and tuna fish.” But all jokes aside, Bledsoe was able to survive this tough time thanks to one of his competitors. 

How did one of Spencer Bledsoe’s worst memories lead to one of the sweetest moments with Keith Nale? 

Bledsoe’s account of the experience sounded pretty dreadful. However, luckily for Bledsoe, there was a slight silver lining. As the former contestant explained, “The upshot here, though, was Keith Nale being a surprisingly adept nurse as I threw up the next day.” Talk about a true pal. Bledsoe had jokingly elaborated, referencing Survivor player Joe Anglim, “If I’d had Anglim-esque hair, he might have even held it for me.” Luckily for both of them, it didn’t come down to that. 

The event definitely seemed to have an impact on Bledsoe. Well after season 31 had aired, Bledsoe shared a very telling tweet with his followers. In the tweet, he wrote, “Motion to have Keith Nale accompany me 24/7 and commentate on my life.” It seems like their time together on Survivor has definitely given them a lifelong bond.