‘Survivor’ Star Parvati Shallow Says She Received an Invite to Compete on ‘The Challenge’

After competing on four seasons of Survivor, winning one, Parvati Shallow has yet to appear on another reality show. However, the former champ claimed she did receive an invite to compete on MTV’s The Challenge but had to decline the offer.

Parvati Shallow returns to compete on 'Survivor: Winners at War'
Parvati Shallow on ‘Survivor: Winners at War’ | Timothy Kuratek/CBS/Getty Images

Parvati Shallow says she received an invite to compete on ‘The Challenge’

Survivor: Micronesia champ Parvati Shallow returned for her fourth and likely last time on Winners at War in 2019.

During her time on the show, she became close with Sele tribemate Michele Fitzgerald, and the two have remained in contact.

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In an Oct. 2021 interview with Rob Has a Podcast’s Rob Cesternino, the host acknowledged her friendship with Fitzgerald, who recently competed on MTV’s The Challenge, and wondered if she would appear on the show as well. Shallow revealed the producers had already invited her for a season.

But, she turned it down as it was “not the best time for her.” However, she noted she’s “open to it” and wouldn’t mind competing on the show because their challenges involving jumping out of helicopters interest her.

She’s known for her four appearances on ‘Survivor’

In 2006, Shallow debuted on season 13’s Cook Islands, where she established a reputation as a manipulative flirt. She got voted out in the final six but instantly became a fan-favorite and returned for a couple of seasons later for Micronesia.

Shallow played one of the best post-merge games, forming the notorious all-female Black Widow Brigade that pulled arguably one of the biggest moves in franchise history. Her dominant gameplay earned her the win in a 5-3 vote.

The popular player came back for Heroes vs. Villains as a top threat but managed to perform better as she pulled several moves that helped her reach the final three.

However, her alliance with villain Russell Hantz backfired, and she lost 6-3. Viewers saw her one last time in Winners at War when she faced 19 other former champs. This time, her cunning strategy and multiple fire tokens couldn’t save her, and she was eliminated pre-merge.

Shallow initially reportedly cast on ‘The Amazing Race’

During a Sept. 2021 episode of the podcast Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef, the Survivor star explained she had a friend who worked as a casting agent who “recruited” her for CBS’ The Amazing Race.

Shallow said she and a friend were selected as a team but later cut, which “devastated” her. The Micronesia champ went on to detail her casting story, noting she brought two friends to her audition.

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According to her, then-casting director Lynn Spillman made her choose who she preferred to compete with on the show. After the reality star reportedly resisted, Shallow said Spillman put pressure on her by asking her if she wanted to win. Ultimately, the reality star did pick someone and noted she “lost a friend that day.”

However, her choice landed her a spot on Survivor as she later received an invite for the show. According to Shallow, her ruthless decision showed Spillman she had what it took to perform well in the game. Survivor 41 airs Wednesdays at 8/7 Central on CBS.