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Survivor villain Russell Hantz provided recaps for the show last season and planned on doing the same for 41. However, he said he refuses to cover this season due to its involving “political issues.” In a recent YouTube video, the former player blasted host Jeff Probst for removing the staple phrase, “come on in, guys,” calling the change a “slap in the face.”

Russell Hantz and Jeff Probst during the final episode of 'Survivor: Samoa'
Russell Hantz and host Jeff Probst during the final episode of ‘Survivor: Samoa’ | Monty Brinton/CBS/Getty Images

‘Come on in, guys’ removed from ‘Survivor’

During the premiere episode, host Jeff Probst talked to the contestants when they gathered on the boat and divided into their tribes.

He asked the players how they felt about his staple, “come on in, guys,” a phrase he uses to welcome the competitors to challenges. The host explained he wouldn’t mind changing it if it made anyone uncomfortable.

Initially, no one said anything, agreeing to keep the phrase. However, Ua’s Ricard Foyé later brought it up during the first immunity challenge, noting he thought the host should drop the “guys” to be more inclusive.

Some fans had a problem with the change as they didn’t understand why it would offend anyone. One fan and notorious three-time competitor Russell Hantz took his issue with the switch to his YouTube channel.

‘Survivor’ star Russell Hantz blasts host Jeff Probst for including ‘political issues’

Before the premiere episode, Hantz, who covered Survivor 40 on his account, posted a video explaining he would not recap the episodes if the show included “political issues.”

He pointed out Yase’s Evvie Jagoda, without naming her, who named men as her biggest peeve in her cast bio, as proof of the show “veering that way.” Hantz continued, claiming it would “ruin” Survivor for him and insisted it would experience the “worst ratings” if it went that way.

Hantz uploaded another video following the episode, proclaiming the show would lose 1 million viewers for removing the staple phrase. He went on to say he’s “shook” and “confused” and doesn’t understand the purpose.

The infamous player called it a “big deal” because he considers the phrase part of “tradition” and one of three staple things Probst says. He also sarcastically challenged the host to remove “the tribe has spoken” because he’s not Native American. 

Hantz believes the inclusion of ‘political issues’ will ‘ruin’ the show

The Louisiana native continued, emphasizing the “political issues” are destroying the show. He insisted Survivor is only casting players due to “political views,” resulting in a cast of contestants that struggled during the kickoff challenge and he believes cannot find idols.

Hantz claimed he helped an applicant with their casting video, but they didn’t receive a callback. According to the Samoa runner-up, the potential player “didn’t meet their requirements.” Going back to removing the phrase, Hantz claimed he spoke to several former unnamed players who are upset with the change.


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He said one player called it a “stab it in the heart” because of their “passion” for the game. The three-time contestant claimed the change is “much more than ratings,” referring to it as a “slap in the face,” and believes it will ruin the popular series.

Due to the involvement of “political issues,” Hantz says he will not cover this season on his YouTube channel. Survivor 41 airs Wednesdays at 8/7 Central on CBS.