‘Survivor’ Winner Mike Holloway Engaged to ‘Big Brother 17’ Star Meg Maley

Shortly after Mike Holloway won Survivor: Worlds Apart and Meg Maley competed on Big Brother 17, the two met at a charity event in Dallas, Texas. They began a long-distance relationship until eventually moving in together. More than five years after the couple started dating, Holloway popped the question to his girlfriend, who emphatically said yes.

Mike Holloway at Tribal Council during the twelfth episode of 'Survivor'
Mike Holloway at Tribal Council during the twelfth episode of ‘Survivor’ | CBS

Mike Holloway won Season 30 of ‘Survivor’

In 2015, then 38-year-old Texas-based oil driller, Mike Holloway, competed on Survivor: Worlds Apart as part of the Blue Collar tribe. He got off to a great start as he formed an early alliance and won three straight immunity challenges with his tribe.

However, his insistence that everyone else works hard around camp began to rub some of his tribemates the wrong way. Nonetheless, the oil driller had a strong alliance going into the merge until he reneged on a deal for everyone to put their money in for letters from their loved ones during the Auction.

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While the group read their letters, Holloway called out a secret four-person alliance that backfired, resulting in everyone turning on him. However, the oil driller got himself to the end by winning five individual immunity challenges and saving himself with a Hidden Immunity Idol.

He ultimately pulled out the win in a 6-1-1 vote.

Meg Maley on ‘Big Brother 17’

Then 25-year-old New Jersey-based server Meg “Grandma” Maley competed on Big Brother 17 a month after Holloway won the title of Sole Survivor. She joined the Goblins alliance in the first week and dominated.

However, a blowup between two of the members made the group a target, and someone from the alliance went home for four weeks in a row. Even though a few former Goblins switched to the opposing group, Maley stayed true.

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Additionally, her diagnosed arthritis made it difficult for her to win any competitions, but she avoided becoming a target mainly due to her fun personality.

The server got into a showmance with James Huling, and the two were nominated for eviction during Vanessa Rousso’s third Head of Household. She failed to win the Power of Veto and became the fourth member of the jury.

Mike Holloway and Meg Maley engaged

In December 2015, a few months after BB17 ended, Holloway reportedly bought Maley a vodka-soda and asked her to dance at a charity event in Dallas. The two then began a long-distance relationship. They vacationed to Puerto Rico in July 2016 and frequently visited each other.

In February 2018, she moved to Texas with him, and they adopted a dog named Wallace seven months later. Two-and-a-half years after the couple moved in together, Holloway proposed to the Big Brother star.

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According to Maley’s Instagram, he drove 23 hours to her hometown in New Jersey to make sure her family was present and planned a scavenger hunt where he proposed to her at the end.

Several of their Big Brother and Survivor co-stars, including Da’Vonne Rogers, Aubrey Bracco, Josh Martinez, Janelle Pierzina, and Natalie Negrotti, commented on the post congratulating the newly engaged couple.