Why Susan Sarandon Called ‘Thelma & Louise’ an ‘Iconic, Bigger-Than-Life Story’

Susan Sarandon is an A-list actor with more than 150 credits to her name. Many fans still associate her with the 1991 film Thelma & Louise. The movie centered around two friends hitting the road and getting into trouble with the law. Sarandon looked back on the film in 2022, calling the story “iconic.”

Susan Sarandon’s long career in film and television

Sarandon has an extensive history of acting in film and television that dates back to the ’70s. According to her IMDb page, her first credit was for a movie titled Joe in 1970. She would land roles in various productions in the following years.

For example, Sarandon was in the cult classic film The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The actor portrayed the lead part of the heroine named Janet. Of course, she has been in multiple other popular works and is still an active actor today.

Recently, Sarandon starred in Monarch as the matriarch Dottie Roman. Even though her character dies early on, viewers get to see her appear in flashbacks. While fans enjoy her performance in the show, they may remember some of her most notable projects.

Many people know Sarandon best for her role in Thelma & Louise, in which she played Louise. The character and her best friend commit crimes and head out on the road together, leading to a wild adventure.

Susan Sarandon said ‘Thelma & Louise’ has an iconic story

susan sarandon thelma louise
Actress Susan Sarandon stars in the film ‘Thelma And Louise’, 1991. | Fotos International/Getty Images

Critics and general audiences have praised Thelma & Louise, and the reception led to multiple award nominations. However, they are not the only ones who believe the movie is remarkable. Sarandon has expressed her thoughts on the crime comedy-drama.

In 2022, Sarandon sat down with Vanity Fair to discuss her career, including her role in Thelma & Louise. She explained that she joined the cast because director Ridley Scott asked her to be in it. However, she did not want to do a revenge film, and helped him make some changes.

“It was just great to be working with another woman and in a story that women were dictating what was going on. Being outlaws is always fun,” Sarandon said of the film. She felt that Scott did something special with the script. “It was a tiny little film, and by putting us in [a] John Wayne [movie] backdrop, he made it into this iconic, bigger-than-life story.”

‘Thelma & Louise’ almost had a different ending and sequel

The ending for Thelma & Louise was not certain until it came time to film the final scene. Sarandon mentioned how the director told her that her character would die. However, he was unsure about the fate of her friend and would decide along the way.

When the crew made it to the end, Sarandon felt they “earned that moment to be together.” As a result, they removed plenty of the dialogue and added the kiss. The decision seemed bold, but it paid off in the end with positive reviews.

The critical reception led to talks of a potential follow-up. Despite the ending, Sarandon mentioned how the studio considered a sequel. However, she could not understand what the plot would have been and what she would be doing.

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