‘Sweet Home’ Season 2: Why the K-Drama’s Storyline Won’t Make Sense Without Actor Song Kang

One of Netflix‘s acclaimed Korean dramas is the 2020 apocalyptic-horror Sweet Home. The K-drama was one of Twitter’s most searched dramas of 2020. It created tense turmoil as the world descended into chaos with heinous monsters. Actor Song Kang played the leading role as Cha Hyun-soo. The K-drama’s first season ended on a cliffhanger with no news of a Sweet Home Season 2.

For fans of the K-drama, a second season would not be the same without Song Kang in the leading role. Sweet Home’s original finale left many storylines and questions to be explored with Hyun-soo.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Sweet Home finale.]

Actor Song Kang as Hyun-soo in 'Sweet Home' standing in front of other character.
Actor Song Kang as Hyun-soo in ‘Sweet Home’ | via Netflix

Song Kang’s agency reveals he is in discussions to appear in ‘Sweet Home’ Season 2

Sweet Home was popular among fans for its riveting story with a unique spin on gruesome monsters. The K-drama recently gained more fame after the success of Squid Game as it also involved a high-stakes survival story. But fans were left in the dark about a Sweet Home Season 2.

According to Soompi, in Oct., JTBC reported the K-drama was in the process of returning for a second season. The cast list only included Lee Si-young and Park Gyu-young from the first season. But a Netflix representative stated, “Nothing has been decided yet.”

On Dec.23, Soompi reported the news of Song Kang’s possible involvement in Sweet Home Season 2. There were high speculations the actor would reprise his role as Hyun-soo. His agency reported, “It is true that we are in discussions about it, but nothing has been confirmed yet.”

A Sweet Home Season 2 without Song Kang in the leading role could drastically change the first season’s storyline. The majority of the first season centered on Hyun-soo’s journey and struggle to survive.

‘Sweet Home’s’ cliffhanger left room to explore Cha Hyun-soo’s story

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The webtoon-based K-drama centers around a group of tenants trapped inside their residential building. The world descended into chaos overnight as people turned into ravenous and mutated monsters. The twist? People turn into monsters based on their deepest desires.

Hyun-soo lost his family and moved into the residential building. As the residents try to survive from the monsters, any one of them can turn. Hyun-soo exhibits all the signs of a monster, from super strength, agility, and the inability to die.

Throughout Sweet Home, he battles to keep his humanity. The cliffhanger further changes his story. By the end, Hyun-soo meets Jung Ui-myeong (Kim Sung-cheol). Like him, Ui-myeong is a mutated form of a monster who maintains his human body. But he threatens the tenants forcing Hyun-soo to transform into his ultimate monster form.

After killing Ui-myeong, Hyun-soo gives himself up to the military. The remaining survivors are taken to a safe facility. He wakes up in a transport vehicle driven by Pyeon Sang-wook (Lee Jin-wook). But Hyun-soo realizes it is really Ui-myeong, who used his slime form to become Sang-wook.

‘Sweet Home’ Season 2 will be an original storyline

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A new installment of Sweet Home will have big shoes to fill following the finale. Fans wonder how the storyline will continue if Song Kang does not reprise his role. Hyun-soo is a special mutation of monsters the government would want to explore. Could Hyun-soo be the answer to the apocalypse? The finale allows for a continuing feud between Hyun-soo and Ui-myeong.

If the actor cannot reprise his role, the K-drama will have to explain the character’s absence. It might be difficult as the character played a key role. According to fans on Reddit, Sweet Home Season 2 would have an original storyline.

“If they do make a season 2, it would be completely original content as they already did everything from the webtoon,” said one fan. A second installment could explore the surviving tenants.