‘Sweet Magnolias’ Star JoAnna Garcia Swisher Said This Scene ‘Broke My Heart’

Sweet Magnolias has wrapped its second season. Fans can return to Serenity, South Carolina as soon as Netflix schedules the season premiere. In the meantime, JoAnna Garcia Swisher reflects on some of season 1’s most heartfelt moments.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Sweet Magnolias Season 1.]

JoAnna Garcia Swisher dances with Justin Bruening
JoAnna Garcia Swisher and Justin Bruening | Eliza Morse/Netflix

Garcia Swisher spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet over Zoom on Sept. 1. She discussed her website, The Happy Place, and work with Hill’s Pet Nutrition for animal shelters. Along with a previous of Sweet Magnolias Season 2, Garcia Swisher shared her favorite moments from the first season.

The ‘Sweet Magnolias’ scene that broke JoAnna Garcia Swisher’s heart

The Sweet Magnolias season finale had a heartbreaking conclusion for Maddie (Garcia Swisher). One of her sons was in an automobile accident and we don’t know who else was in the car yet. As intense as that was, Garcia Swisher recalled a moment Maddie had with Helen (Heather Headley).

“The scene that I shot laying on my back next to Heather Hudley when her heart was broken, that scene broke my heart,” Garcia Swisher said. 

Helen finally broke up with Ryan (Michael Shenfelt) for good, but it’s still not easy. Garcia Swisher said it wasn’t the first or last time her fictional scenes gave her the feels. 

Sweet Magnolias: Helen and Ryan in the kitchen
Heather Hudley and Michael Shenfelt | Eliza Morse/Netflix

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“And in season 2 there were a few that were particularly heart wrenching,” she said. “Obviously I wish I could tell you all about them. When Season 2 streams, you call me and we’ll talk about it because you’re going to know what I mean.”

Other treasured ‘Sweet Magnolias’ memories

The list goes on and Garcia Swisher shared Sweet Magnolias scenes with other co-stars that she treasures. 

JoAnna Garcia Swisher and Justin Bruening sit on the sofa
Justin Bruening and JoAnna Garcia Swisher | Eliza Morse/Netflix

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“The margarita nights are so fun because the three of us are together and it’s just the three of us,” she said. “So we have a blast doing that. When I hang up with you I’m going to think of four other scenes that I love. I love working with my costar and love interest Justin [Bruening]. He’s just as sweet as the day is long so being able to roll out that love story with him as my partner has just been such a great joy. And I love the kids. They’re all so good.”

JoAnna Garcia Swisher likes the scenes she’s not in, too

One benefit of being on an ensemble show is you can still watch most of the show as a fan. Garcia Swisher says she watches Sweet Magnolias just like everyone else. 

“It was fun watching the show because there are so many beautiful moments in that show that I wasn’t a part of,” she said. “So a lot of the kid stuff took place at school and I wasn’t there. I apparently aged out of the high schooler. So it was fun to see them and their little love affairs and triangles and all of that.”