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  • T-Pain’s “Road to Wiscansin Tour” ticket sales are down in Dallas, Texas.
  • The rapper and singer created a TikTok asking what he did to deserve these ticket sales.
  • Everything you need to know about buying tickets in Dallas for the “Road to Wisconsin Tour.”

T-Pain feels betrayed by Dallas, Texas. The rapper and singer recently posted a video asking what he ever did to the Lone Star State. In reviewing ticket sales for his “Road to Wiscansin Tour” with his team, it became apparent that one city in particular was not all aboard the T-Pain train. The artist thought he was on good terms with Dallas. He’s worn “cowboy hats many times!” He even “used to raise horses!” What more do the people of Dallas want from him? 

T-Pain on stage.
T-Pain | Chelsea Guglielmino/WireImage

T-Pain tour ticket sales are down in Dallas

T-Pain’s TikTok video features the rapper speaking in front of a spreadsheet listing the cities along the “Road to Wiscansin Tour” along with their corresponding ticket sales.

The spreadsheet shows that ticket sales for Los Angeles and Richmond are at 100%. Boston tickets are at 88%, Phoenix is at 82%, New York is at 81%, Orlando is at 62%, and Austin is at 61%. The next lowest ticket sales stop is Philadelphia at 40% with Atlanta following behind at 45%. But, of course, no city is as low as Dallas, which rings in at just 26%.

“So every week we do a catch-up call and on the tour — we do like a weekly tour update kind of thing,” he begins. “And we always send out this little spreadsheet, you know, the percentages, of tickets we’ve sold in each city.”

T-Pain wants to know what he did to Dallas

“I gotta tell you, man, one question: What the f*** Dallas?” asks T-Pain, pained. “Dallas, what are you doing? Ya’ll don’t f*** with me?”

“Ay man, we f*** with you heavy in Texas,” he says in a mocking voice.

“Really? What the s*** Dallas? What did I do? Let me know what I did,” the artist continues. “Ya’ll don’t f*** with me bro? What’s going on?”

What hurts most of all is that T-Pain previously thought he was on great terms with Dallas. He does all the Dallas things, after all, like wearing the right attire and spending time with horses.

“You know, I wore a cowboy hat many times! I used to raise horses,” he says. “I feel like I’m part of the city, you know? I’ve worn a cowboy hat or two. You know what I’m saying? Regular cowboys and Dallas cowboys. What the f***?”

The ‘Road to Wiscansin Tour’ Dallas stop


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The “Road to Wiscansin Tour” Dallas performance is slated to take place on May 18, 2022 at The Factory in Deep Ellum. Doors open at 7 PM with the show starting at 8 PM. Fans 16 and under must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. There will be no Covid safety protocols in place at the event.

“T-Pain is a star and has been since he first entered the scene,” reads the artist’s bio on the ticket site. “If there’s one valuable lesson to glean from the life of T-Pain, it’s consistency. The singer, songwriter, producer, and celebrated performer/entertainer has spent the greater whole of his career bringing masses together with feel good music. The party won’t stop here. T-Pain is only getting started.”