Marvel Studios May Ask Taika Waititi to Direct ‘Deadpool 3’: Why He May Be the Wrong Choice

Taika Waititi is well known as the director behind Thor: Ragnarok the man responsible for taking the Norse God’s stern and stoic characterization, and turning him into a quick-tongued Avenger. In the first Thor, Hemsworth’s character carried a Shakespearean essence, which should come as no surprise since Shakesperean actor/director Kenneth Branagh helmed the production. As for the sequel — The Dark World — it was a scattered mess at best. After that, revamping the God of Thunder to fit within the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU) landscape became Waititi’s responsibility, and he created a character that better meshed with the MCU shtick.  

Taika Waititi
Taika Waititi | Rachel Luna/Getty Images

Waititi is set to direct the next (and likely last) Chris Hemsworth-led Thor installment, Love and Thunder. However, recent news suggests that the Marvel head honchos may want to take the man with a penchant for bombastic sequences and unscripted humor and place him behind Deadpool 3 — the Merc’s first solo installment under the MCU umbrella. So, what do we know about the recently revealed information so far, and is Waititi the right man for the film? On the surface, he may seem like a perfect fit, but when diving into his portfolio, is the best suited for the job? 

Rumor has it Marvel Studios is eyeing Taika Waititi for ‘Deadpool 3’

While Ryan Reynolds — the star, producer, and co-writer on the upcoming installment — will likely have some say when it comes to Deadpool 3‘s creative team, as We Got This Covered (WGTC) notes, the decision will ultimately be Kevin Feige’s, since the Fox/Disney merger placed Feige in charge of the character (and all future Marvel-based productions). 

According to WGTC — relying on the same sources who knew a She-Hulk series and a Ms. Marvel series were in the pipeline for Disney+ — Marvel Studios is considering Waititi for the Deadpool solo installment; he is reportedly one of the several names high up on the wishlist. It is currently unknown whether the studio has approached the director, but the sources confirmed that discussions have included his name. If Taika Waititi is chosen to direct Deadpool 3, will he rise to the challenge?

Is Taika Waititi the right choice for ‘Deadpool 3’? 

Taika Waititi’s pg-13 Thor vibe definitely doesn’t align with the Merc’s dirty mind and dirty mouth, as the sexual innuendos and black-as-sin comedy inherent to Deadpool’s characterization are not necessarily kid-friendly. However, Waititi does have experience with R-rated comedies, as he brought What We Do in the Shadows to fans everywhere. 

What We Do in the Shadows —  a sort of parody mockumentary — was funny if you like that sort of thing. It doesn’t speak to the masses, as its spoof nature is clever, yet oftentimes, the intelligence behind the humor is smirk-worthy, as opposed to laugh-oud-loud relatable. 

Deadpool relies on R-rated comedy that speaks to a wide audience; it is also clever, yet in a sarcastic and silver-tongued way, not in an absurdist, reflective manner. So, can Waititi adjust his flair for mature humor to fit Deadpool’s inappropriate lure, or will he fail to strike the same chord that the former creative team has mastered?