How Tall Is Winona Ryder?

There are a lot of long-standing actors in the film and TV industry, but not many of them can compare to the highly adored Winona Ryder. Since her debut into acting and significant fame, she has been an idol to some and the talk of the town for others. Either way, people always want to know more about the superstar. More recently, fans took to Google searches to find some answers, and Ryder is prepared to answer. Alongside co-star David Harbour, the Stranger Things star reveals how tall she is.

Winona Ryder smiling in front of a blurred crowd
Winona Ryder | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Winona Ryder has a long-time acting career

Ryder made her debut in 1986 as Rina in the film Lucas, but it was her 1988 role in Heathers that would make her really stand out in front of other actors. That, along with her knack for taking on unconventional and abnormal characters and then giving performances that would exceed expectations. Take, for instance, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, where she effortlessly portrayed Mina Murray / Elisabeta alongside Keanu Reeves. The role might have been a challenge for any actor of that time, but Ryder was already accustomed to roles that required a strong female direction with gothic-like charisma and presence. 

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MsMojo reveals that out of her three-decade-long career, there were five roles that were significant to the star’s career and really brought attention to her incredible talent. Her top five ranking performances were Susanna Kaysen in Girl, Interrupted, Joyce Byers in Stranger Things, Kim Boggs in Edward Scissorhands, Lydia Deetz in Beetlejuice, and at number one: Veronica Sawyer in the classic 1988 film Heathers.

She laid-low for nearly 20 years before ‘Stranger Things’

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After being one of Hollywood’s biggest names, the Beetlejuice star seemingly vanished until her recent reappearance on Stranger Things. It seems she needed some time for herself following the highly-publicized and traumatic breakup with Johnny Depp and the shoplifting incident in 2002, where she stole over $5000 in designer goods. While she didn’t completely ditch the scene after receiving national attention for her sticky fingers, she did take on smaller, lesser-known roles like Welcome, Stay Cool, and several others. Ryder was certainly working through some serious issues, but there’s no doubt that had she not chosen to do smaller roles, she would’ve kept hopping from leading role to leading role as before.

How tall is Winona Ryder in feet?

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Sitting down with Stranger Things co-star David Harbour for a WIRED interview, the long-time actor answered the internet’s most searched questions about herself. One of those searched questions included, “How tall is Winona Ryder feet?” “I guess in feet,” her co-star clarified after reading the question. “I guess they don’t want to use the metric system.”

“Oh. Well, apparently, if I was standing up straight, I’m like five-four or five-three and a quarter,” she answered, adding that if she didn’t slouch so much, she’d look taller. “I need to work on that.” Harbour joked that when pictures come out of the two next to each other, “[she] looks like a real person and [he] looks like Gandalf” in them. Despite looking significantly taller or shorter in movies and shows depending on the height of her co-stars, Winona Ryder is right on point with the average height of most women.