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Taylor Swift continues to prove herself to be a force in the music industry. The evermore artist recently made history after she became the only artist in Billboard history to simultaneously debut the number one song and album on the charts. But what is it that makes Swift so successful? In Swift’s mind, a large part of her success is due to the fact that she writes her own music.

Jack Antonoff and Taylor Swift songs
Jack Antonoff and Taylor Swift | Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS

Swift has always been candid about the fact that she wouldn’t be where she is today if she didn’t make the decision to write all of her songs. Since her debut album, Taylor Swift, the 31-year-old has written or co-written each and every one of the songs on her album. When people in the media began doubting how much influence she actually had on writing her songs, she shut critics up by releasing her third album, Speak Now, which she wrote independently.

Taylor Swift has written or co-written all of her songs

Though Swift hasn’t released another album without co-writers since Speak Now, the “marjorie” singer has written quite a few songs solo since then. The title track from her seventh album, Lover, actually earned a Grammy nomination for Song of the Year and was written entirely by Swift. More recently, Swift wrote “my tears ricochet” from her album, folklore, independently as well as “happiness” from her most recent album, evermore on her own.

Of course, Swift also enjoys collaborating with others to make her music stronger. One person that the “False God” singer has collaborated with for years is producer, Jack Antonoff. Antonoff and Swift have been collaborating with one another since 2013. Swift considers Antonoff to be musical family and she was the first person who believed he could be a producer. Today, Antonoff serves as both a producer and co-writer for Swift.

Jack Antonoff gushes about the ‘evermore’ artist

“Working with taylor is a full connection to all of the wonder of making music,” Antonoff wrote on his Instagram about Swift when folklore was released. “Knowing her and making work with her gives me faith in the ability for people to grow. To actual [sic] grow. It has been one of the most deeply important personal and creative relationships in my life. Thank God I met you at that bizarre show in Germany all those years ago. I adore you and I adore this album. thank you for listening and believing in what I was doing before I had produced a single record. Da*n Taylor.”


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Swift and Antonoff wrote the bridge for ‘Getaway Car’ at warp speed

After seven years of working together, Swift and Antonoff have a pretty seamless flow to their songwriting process. Fans were given a glimpse into their creative process in Swift’s Netflix documentary: Miss Americana. One scene, in particular, that fans took note of came when the pair were writing the song Getaway Car together. One of the most popular songs on Swift’s sixth album, Reputation, fans were impressed that Swift and Antonoff wrote the bridge to that song in just 28 seconds. Clearly, the songwriters have a special bond. We’re sure fans are looking forward to seeing what other songs they collaborate on in the future.