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To say that Hannah Montana was a phenomenon would be a gross understatement. The wildly popular Disney Channel show drew in millions of viewers around the globe and made Miley Cyrus a household name. The show followed a teenage girl, Miley Stewart, as she led a secret double life as teen pop sensation, Hannah Montana. The show resonated with millions of people, and Taylor Swift is certainly one of them.

Hannah Montana : The Movie alum Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift | Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Taylor Swift and Hannah Montana share similarities

Swift certainly has quite a bit in common with the fictional character. Like Hannah Montana, Swift is a blonde singer-songwriter who achieved massive amounts of success in her teens. Both played in sold-out tours, traveling around the world, and even had their fair share of movie roles. Swift even attended public high school for her freshman and sophomore years.

The ‘Midnights’ singer reflects on her high school experience

In an interview with Good Morning America, Swift reflected on her high school days. “We have just pulled into my high school parking lot,” she began. “This is crazy nostalgia happening right now. This is where I met my best friend Abigail, who’s still my best friend. I would go to school here, and then a lot of the time, I’d be in my classrooms, in class, writing ideas on the sides of my notes.”

Swift felt like she was leading a double life in her early teens

But Swift wasn’t just another high schooler. Her career has begun to take off in a big way. The enmeshing of both worlds made her feel like she was leading two lives. “And then my mom would drive me downtown to have my songwriting appointments,” Swift continued. “So, basically, just the OG Hannah Montana over here, double life. I had a really good time at this school, so thank you Hendersonville High School.”

Swift has two songs and a cameo in ‘Hannah Montana: The Movie’

Since Swift felt a connection to Hannah Montana, it’s no surprise that she ended up in Hannah Montana: The Movie. The “All Too Well” singer performed her song, “Crazier,” in the film. But that’s not the only song of Swift’s that made it into the movie. Swift also penned “You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home”, which is the last song Hannah Montana performs in the movie. In a 2009 interview, Swift spoke about being a part of the film.


Taylor Swift Is the Queen of Lurking on Her Fans

It’s so cool to become a part of the Hannah Montana phenomenon that’s taking over the world right now,” Swift shared. “Honestly, it’s just so cool because ever since I figured out that I was, you know, gonna be able to be in this movie, umm every time a little girl will come through one of my signing lines or every single time I’ll see a little girl in one of my meet and greets and she’s got a Hannah Montana shirt on I wanna be like, ‘Guess what, I get to be in that movie.’”

In reality, Swift may not actually be the OG Hannah Montana, but it seems that, in her life, she briefly got “the best of both worlds.”