Taylor Swift Designed Her Tour Bus to Have a Fireplace

These days, Taylor Swift mostly travels by private jet. In fact, her private jet has taken a staggering 170 trips in just 200 days. But Swift didn’t always have the immense net worth to support a private jet. Back in the early days of her career, the “All Too Well” singer was much more likely to take commercial flights or travel by tour bus. But even in those days, she always made sure to travel in style.

Taylor Swift at the 2022 VMAs
Taylor Swift | Arturo Holmes/FilmMagic

Taylor Swift found tons of success with her second album ‘Fearless’

It’s fair to say that Swift had a pretty meteoric rise to fame. While her debut album, Taylor Swift, got her some attention, her sophomore album, Fearless, really catapulted her to new heights. With Fearless, Swift broke records, won the Grammy award for Album of the Year, and launched a sold-out tour with 52 shows.

The ‘Midnights’ artist wanted to make her tour bus cozy for herself and her mom

Because Swift was spending so much time on the road, she wanted to make sure she had a place to temporarily call home. This meant personally designing her tour bus and making the experience as cozy as possible for herself and her mother, who accompanied her. In an interview with Dateline, the Amsterdam actor explained how her success led to her having a more expansive travel experience.

“My mom rides with me on this bus,” Swift shared. “The first two years, I was on a bus with my band and crew, and it was really crowded and, ya know, thanks to how great this year’s been, we’ve been able to expand it and have a little space.”

Swift designed her second tour bus to have a fireplace

Having more space on her tour bus meant that Swift was able to bring in design details that would give her a sense of peace. She personally helped design elements of her tour bus while simultaneously recording hits like “You Belong With Me”, “Love Story”, and “Hey Stephen.”

“Yeah, completely,” Swift responded when asked if she’d personally designed her entire tour bus. “It was while I was making my second album, so while I would leave the studio, I would go over to the bus place and help them design it. It has a fireplace.”

What other details made the tour bus special for Swift?

Calling the vehicle, “the girliest bus ever”, Swift shared some of the personal details that made her tour bus special. One big one was a nod to her all-time favorite number, which she created a bit of a ritual with. “This is my lucky number 13, and I put it on the door because I touch it every night before I go on stage,” Swift explained.


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And there was one, more mundane detail that Swift was particularly jazzed about. She loved that her room on her tour bus boasted a TV. “I’m so excited ‘cause I’ve never had a TV in my room before until I got this bus,” she shared. Swift has been candid about the fact that she loved to unwind by binging TV shows after a concert. Her show of choice? Friends. Clearly, Swift found a way to make her tour bus feel like home. We’re sure many of her fans would be interested in getting up close and personal with the interior of her private jet also.