Taylor Swift Explained Why She Doesn’t Have 1 Permanent Home

With eight reported houses in her real estate portfolio, Taylor Swift has no shortage of places to call home. From her sprawling mansion in Nashville to her penthouse in New York, Swift has plenty of places where she can rest her head. But where exactly is home for the “All Too Well” singer, and why doesn’t she stay put anywhere for long periods of time?

homeowner Taylor Swift at the 2022 VMAs
Taylor Swift | Arturo Holmes/FilmMagic

With the exception of quarantine, Taylor Swift has been traveling for years

Swift has been on the go since the very beginning of her career. Touring, promoting her music, attending award shows, and recording music and music videos have taken her all over the globe. In fact, the only thing that seemed to slow down Swift’s traveling in recent years was the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Because most of the world was forced to quarantine, Swift halted travel for months on end, choosing to isolate with her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.

Why the ‘Midnights’ artist doesn’t have one permanent home

In recent months, Swift has resumed traveling, often using her private jet to get around. But why does she feel the need to travel so much? It turns out that one reason Swift doesn’t stay places for long stretches of time is to protect her privacy. She once got candid about this in an interview with Nashville Lifestyles.

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“I’m not anyone who can be anywhere permanently,” Swift explained. “Things get very, well, social when I’m in a place for more than three days. I’ll go out to a restaurant in one of the cities I’m in, and all of a sudden there are lot of people around, lots of paparazzi on planes heading to where I am. I just sort of have to, at this point in my life, hop around, which I’m comfortable with doing. I don’t really have any reason not to hop around right now.”

Stalkers have broken into Swift’s houses

But is there a place that feels most like home for Swift? If there is, she’s keeping that information to herself. In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Swift revealed that she’s tight-lipped about her most frequented home for safety purposes.

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“I try not to ever really say where I am the most because since all my addresses are on the internet, people tend to show up uninvited,” Swift revealed. “Like, you know, dudes that think we have an imaginary marriage.”

Unfortunately, for Swift, her intense level of fame comes at a high price. Over the course of her career, she’s dealt with her fair share of stalkers and break-ins. The Amsterdam actor even keeps wound dressing in all of her homes in preparation for a worst-case scenario break-in. “I’ve had a lot of stalkers show up to the house armed,” Swift shared. It certainly makes sense that Swift would want to keep where she is in the world private. But considering the carbon footprint of her private jet, she may want to consider alternative forms of transportation.

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