Taylor Swift Fan Found Lyric Parallels in ‘You All Over Me’ That Connects to These Other Songs

Taylor Swift fans have already found Easter eggs through lyric parallels in her new song. The latest track features background vocals by Maren Morris, who joined Swift on her Reputation Stadium Tour in 2018. Fans immediately searched the song for deeper connection and meaning to Swift’s other work. And they found lyric parallels from “You All Over Me” that links to other Swift songs.

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Taylor Swift released new song ‘You All Over Me’ with Maren Morris

Swift released her second song from Fearless (Taylor’s Version) on March 26. The song is called “You All Over Me.” It differs from “Love Story (Taylor’s Version)” in that it was formerly an unreleased song. While there was a leak of the original version, this is the first time Swift is releasing the single herself.

Morris’ vocals come in at the chorus: “I lived and I learned, had you got burned, held out, and held on.”

She continued singing with Swift: “God knows too long and wasted time, lost tears, swore that I’d get out of here. But no amount of freedom gets you clean, I’ve still got you all over me.”

This is the first time Morris joins Swift on a song. Furthermore, “You All Over Me” is the first Fearless (Taylor’s Version) song fans know of that has a duet.

Taylor Swift’s new song was written during her ‘Fearless’ era

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Swift announced on Feb. 11 that she would be releasing her album Fearless in a re-record. She shared in an Instagram post that the new version of the album will have 26 songs. That includes six “new” songs — AKA never-before-released original Fearless songs.

Fearless was an album full of magic and curiosity, the bliss and devastation of youth,” Swift wrote in her post. “It was the diary of the adventures and explorations of a teenage girl who was learning tiny lessons with every new crack in the facade of the fairytale ending she’d been shown in the movies.”

Swift discussed the unreleased songs she’d be sharing with fans on Fearless (Taylor’s Version).

“I’ve decided I want you to have the whole story, see the entire vivid picture,” Swift expressed. “And let you into the entire dreamscape that is my Fearless album. That’s why I’ve chosen to include 6 never before released songs on my version of this album. Written when I was between the ages of 16 and 18, these were the ones it killed me to leave behind.”

‘You All Over Me’ has lyric parallels with other Taylor Swift songs

Fans began digging into the lyrics of “You All Over Me” to find a connection to other Swift songs. One fan on Twitter proved lyric parallels in multiple Swift songs. But because some of them came after Swift wrote “You All Over Me,” those songs technically mirrored the unreleased record. It’s only now that fans are discovering the connection to her older song.

According to the fan on Twitter, “You All Over Me” had a “Fearless” lyric parallel. Both songs contained words about rain on the street.

In “Last Kiss,” Swift wrote about someone’s hands in their pocket.

“Clean” and “You All Over Me” both had lyrics about being clean.

And lastly, “Picture to Burn” and Swift’s newest release include lyrics on being burned.

You can listen to “You All Over Me” on Spotify and Apple Music.