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Music superstar Taylor Swift has been in the limelight since she was a young girl. After bursting onto the country music scene with soulful ballads like “Tim McGraw,” Swift eventually broke into the pop music charts, where she has remained ever since. However, Swift is not just a bestselling musical artist. Over the years, she’s pursued several business ventures, including some signature fragrance releases. While Swift’s fans were eager to snap up the perfumes when they were first released, when compared to other celebrity fragrances, Swift’s are surprisingly unpopular. 

When did Taylor Swift release her fragrances?

In 2006, Taylor Swift released her self-titled debut album. Fans and critics alike praised Swift’s natural talent and her way of crafting simple messages that translated into deeply emotional songs. Over the next few years, Swift’s star continued to rise until she was one of the most influential and popular artists in the music industry. Fans were eager to replicate Swift’s low-key yet elegant style – and in 2011, she launched her first fragrance, Wonderstruck. Her debut fragrance was quickly followed by another perfume, Wonderstruck Enchanted.

In the years that followed, Swift helped craft three more perfumes, Taylor by Taylor Swift, Taylor by Taylor Swift: Made of Starlight, and Incredible Things. After releasing Incredible Things in 2014, Swift has steered clear of the perfume business, but many fans still turn to the singer’s perfumes when they want to enjoy a spritz of sweet, romantic scent.

Taylor Swift at her Wonderstruck fragrance launch at Belk Cool Springs Galleria in Franklin, Tennessee
Taylor Swift at her Wonderstruck fragrance launch | Grant Halverson/FilmMagic via Getty Images

The celebrity fragrance game is big business, and dozens of celebs and singers have launched their own signature perfumes. From Usher to Kim Kardashian, it seems that almost every famous star has an exclusive scent that bears their name. Interestingly, while Taylor Swift is undoubtedly one of the biggest stars in music, her fragrances are far from the most popular celeb perfume. 

According to a study curated by Hey Discount that utilized Google search data, Swift’s perfumes come in at number 11 in terms of most-searched celebrity fragrances, with 210,600 searches related to “Taylor Swift perfume” and 7,680 searches related to “Taylor Swift fragrance.” This would put Swift’s scents below other celeb perfumes from stars like Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, and Britney Spears. In the celebrity fragrance game, Swift’s fellow singer Ariana Grande is leading the pack, with 4,353,000 searches related to “Ariana Grande perfume” and 89,200 Google searches for “Ariana Grande fragrance.”

What other business ventures has Swift pursued?


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Taylor Swift is unlikely to lose any sleep because she doesn’t have the top celebrity fragrance. While she primarily focuses on her music these days, Swift has also dabbled in clothing design, with a line of sundresses released at Walmart in the early 2000s, a line of greeting cards, and even a collection of dolls. Swift has also signed numerous endorsement deals over the years, including partnerships with Capital One, AT&T, and an exclusive contract with clothing designer Stella McCartney.

Swift is well-known for her philanthropic efforts and is very vocal on behalf of causes that she believes in. A pro-choice feminist, Swift avoided political discussion for the early part of her career, but in recent years, she’s become more comfortable opening up about her beliefs and interests. These days, Swift is one of the most powerful and influential singers in popular music – and is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.