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Taylor Swift is famous for her Easter eggs and fans think the latest one is hinting at an album — and no, it’s not 1989. Fans have been noticing lately that Swift has been using emojis in sets of three’s in her social media posts. They’re now speculating that Swift is teasing something about that number in regards to an upcoming album release.

Taylor Swift in a plaid jacket and bright red lipstick
Taylor Swift at the Sundance Film Festival on Jan. 23, 2020 in Park City, Utah | Mat Hayward/GC Images

Taylor Swift released ‘folklore’ and ‘evermore’ as surprise albums

Swifties got a sweet summer surprise on July 24, 2020, when the “Love Story” singer dropped her album folklore out of nowhere. Swift announced the album the day before its release on social media, promoting it with a set of grey forest photos. The album was sonically different than predecessor albums, with indie influences from collaborators Aaron Dessner and Justin Vernon.

The surprises kept coming, though. Swift shared a birthday treat with her fans on Dec. 11, 2020, only five months after her folklore release. She dropped evermore, a “sister album” accompanying the first.

Taylor Swift fans thought there might be a third album in the trilogy

At the time of evermore‘s release, fans speculated that there could be a third album completing a trilogy of albums for folklore and evermore. They found clues in album covers, repeating trilogy stories within the songs themselves, and even Swift’s merchandise containing sets of threes.

However, the theory lost traction after Swift began dropping her re-recorded albums. Her first, Fearless (Taylor’s Version) nabbed the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Top 200 chart in its debut week.

But fans went back to the trilogy theory when they noticed Swift using sets of three emojis on social media.

Fans are connecting her usage of 3 emojis in social media posts


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A fan on TikTok pointed out that there might be “something up” with Swift’s tweets. She noticed how Swift has continued to use three emojis in tweets lately and connected that back to the trilogy theory from months ago.

“You know before evermore was announced, she tweeted things that had kind of had odd phrasing that we figured out later were lyrics,” the user said, using Swift referencing her song “’tis the damn season” in a tweet.

“I just feel like something’s up,” she continued. The fan pointed out that the trilogy clue has gone beyond just Swift using three emojis in her tweets. Swift also said the word “well” three times in an April 16 tweet, showcasing the possibility of a trilogy in words as well.

The Swiftie further speculated in another video that if there is a third album in the folklore and evermore set, that this could be the possible release of it.

“I think it’s going to drop on April 30,” she said. “Evermore was released 140 days after folklore. The date that is 140 days after the evermore release is April 30, which is a Friday.”

She connected April 30 to another clue from the “Cowboy Like Me” music video. The fan noticed a stack of three books in the music video that featured a clock showing the time as 4:30 — April 30.