Taylor Swift Laughed When She Announced Her New Song ‘Karma’

On Oct. 21, Taylor Swift will release a new album titled Midnights. Leading up to the release of Midnights, Swift has revealed the album’s tracklist one song at a time through a TikTok segment called “Midnights Mayhem With Me.” In a new TikTok on Oct. 6, Swift revealed that a song on Midnights is called “Karma.” As soon as Swift said the name, she broke into laughter.

‘Karma’ singer Taylor Swift smiling and looking over her shoulder while posing in a gold dress.
Taylor Swift | VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images

Taylor Swift laughed when she announced ‘Karma’

For each “Midnights Mayhem With Me” segment, Swift sits in a room next to a Bingo cage. At the start of the segment, the cage was filled with 13 lottery balls, each representing a song from the 13-song tracklist.

To reveal each track, Swift spins the Bingo cage until a ball is selected. When she reads the number, Swift speaks into an amplified microphone shaped like a red telephone and reveals the corresponding track title.

“Good evening, and welcome to another episode of ‘Midnights Mayhem With Me,” Swift said in a TikTok on Oct. 6. “I’m going to announce another track title from the Midnights album.”

Swift spun the Bingo cage and then read the number on the ejected ball.

“Track 11 is called,” Swift paused to turn on the amplified phone, “Karma.”

As soon as Swift said “Karma,” she put the phone down and started laughing.

Taylor Swift fans have been talking about ‘Karma’ for years

The word “karma” has been thrown around a lot among Swift fans over the years, with the significance of the word in the fandom starting in 2016.

In April 2016, Vogue released a video with Swift called “73 Questions With Taylor Swift” on YouTube. Toward the end of the video, Swift was asked, “What do you think is the most important life lesson for someone to learn?”

Swift replied, “That karma’s real.”

Over the years, some fans theorized Swift was working on releasing an album called Karma at some point in 2016. Clues included the “73 Questions” video, Swift bleaching her hair, and the singer’s history of releasing an album every two years.

Instead, Swift released an album called Reputation in 2017, three years after releasing her acclaimed album 1989.

In February 2020, Swift released a music video for her song “The Man.” At one point in the music video, the word “Karma” is seen written on the wall of a subway station, fueling the fan theory there was once an album named Karma.

Fans of the singer reacted to the song ‘Karma’

After Swift posted the new “Midnights Mayhem With Me” video, fans of the singer-songwriter took to social media to discuss the reveal of “Karma.” Some fans took Swift’s laughter as confirmation that the singer had seen the theories about the scrapped Karma album.

“i GASPED dramatically and then she just giggled after she said it like she knew there’d be a big reaction on the other side of the screen,” one fan wrote on Reddit.


One Reddit user wrote, “She knows that her fans love-hate her right now and she laughs about it. Karma is REAL!”


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There is a new theory about Taylor Swift’s song ‘Karma’

While “Karma” ended up being a song and not an album, the latest theory about “Karma” is that it is the lead single on Midnights.

One fan wrote on Reddit, “Is this the first time she’s posted 2 nights in a row? It’s been every other night since she started, right? Crossing my fingers and hoping for a single tomorrow!!”

After Swift revealed the song’s title, the singer’s management team posted on Twitter hinting that “Karma” is the lead single.

“Karma is the single leading cause of mayhem tonight,” Taylor Nation wrote on Twitter.

To top off the theory, Spotify posted on Twitter encouraging fans of Swift to be alert at midnight on Oct. 7, teasing a new release could drop.

Only time will tell if this new theory about “Karma” pans out. Regardless, it’s clear “Karma” is an important track on Midnights, no matter what day it is released.