From Taylor Swift to Lorde, Here Are Some of the Artists Jack Antonoff Collaborated With

Jack Antonoff is synonymous with the rock band Bleachers, releasing songs like “Rollercoaster” and “I Wanna Get Better” in the process. He’s also known for collaborating with several well-known artists, including Taylor Swift for her recently released album, Folklore. 

Here’s what we know about Antonoff and some of his work outside of the rock band. 

Laura Sisk, Jack Antonoff, Taylor Swift, Aaron Dessner, and Jonathan Low, winners of the Album of the Year award for ‘Folklore’
Laura Sisk, Jack Antonoff, Taylor Swift, Aaron Dessner, and Jonathan Low, winners of the Album of the Year award for ‘Folklore’ Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Jack Antonoff co-wrote songs with Taylor Swift’s album ‘Folklore’

Swift is known for co-writing most of her original music. That includes her 2020 release, Folklore, featuring songs “Cardigan,” “August,” and “The Last Great American Dynasty.” This album listed Antonoff as a co-writer. 

When Swift earned Album Of The Year for this production, Antonoff joined her and the other songwriters on the stage to accept the award. Antonoff performed alongside the “Cardigan” artist at the same award ceremony. 

However, this wouldn’t be the first time these artists collaborated, as Antonoff briefly sings on the 1989 track “Out of the Woods.”

Jack Antonoff played a role in creating Lorde’s ‘Solar Power’ 

Most recently, Antonoff co-wrote with Lorde for the 2021 release Solar Power. These artists appeared together for live rooftop recordings of songs like “Solar Power,” “Stoned at the Nail Salon,” and “Dominoes” posted to YouTube

Of course, Londe was the mastermind behind this album and shared that Antonoff shouldn’t receive all of the credit for this production. 

“I haven’t made a Jack Antonoff record,” she told NYT in an interview, according to Billboard. “I’ve made a Lorde record and he’s helped me make it and very much deferred to me on production and arrangement. Jack would agree with this. To give him that amount of credit is frankly insulting.”

Jack Antonoff and Carly Rae Jepsen collaborated on songs like ‘Comeback’

Antonoff performed with the “Call Me Maybe” singer Carly Rae Jepsen, appearing on the 2019 release, “Comeback.” During one interview with Paper Magazine, Jepsen shared some insight behind her “New York Sessions.”

“Then, New York I always just find to be such an inspiring city,” she said. “That’s where I work a lot with Jack [Antonoff], that’s where I allow myself to be like a little bit more playful, out-there, and extra experimental.”

Additionally, Antonoff worked with St. Vincent, Lana Del Rey, Clairo, FKA Twigs, The Chicks, P!nk, and more. Outside of collaborating with other musicians, Antonoff is the frontman for Bleachers. That’s the rock-pop group known for songs like “I Wanna Get Better,” “Don’t Take the Money,” and “Stop Making This Hurt.” 

This group went on to appear at music festivals like Bleachers, collaborating with legends like Yoko Ono and Bruce Springsteen along the way. During one interview with the Guardian, this songwriter elaborated on this writing style. 

“In no way do I feel like a woman,” he said. “I feel very male. But when I’m writing I don’t think about Lou Reed or Bowie. I think about Kate Bush, Björk, Fiona Apple. I’ve always been extremely drawn to female artists who are being brutally honest. That is so much more attractive to me than a lot of the weird paths certain male songwriters lead you down, that hide and mask emotions.”

Music by Antonoff and the band Bleachers is available on most major streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. 

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