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Taylor Swift may be native to Pennsylvania, but she has deep ties to Nashville, Tennessee. When Swift was just 14, she and her family relocated to Music City to pursue a career in country music. Obviously, things panned out well for the VMA-nominated songwriter. She’s now a multimillionaire and one of the most famous celebrities on the planet.

Nashville transplant Taylor Swift performs on stage of the Reuptuation stadium tour
Taylor Swift | John Shearer/TAS18/Getty Images for TAS

Taylor Swift owns two homes in Nashville, Tennessee

Swift’s impressive net worth affords her the opportunity to own property all over the country. However, it’s clear that she still has a deep connection to Nashville today. Swift owns not one, but two, properties in Nashville. The first is a massive penthouse which the “hoax” singer purchased when she was only 20. The second is a sprawling mansion that sits on 6 acres of land, which Swift purchased for her parents.

Of course, Nashville isn’t the only city that Swift calls home. She has other properties in New York, Los Angeles, and Rhode Island. Because of this, she doesn’t spend nearly as much time in Nashville as she did prior to her rise to fame. Swift has been candid that Nashville has changed quite a bit since she was a teenager. Certainly, the city has become more of a tourist attraction in the past decade. Still, Swift has some tried and true favorite spots.

Which two Nashville restaurants does the ‘All Too Well’ singer love?

In an interview with Nashville Lifestyles, Swift revealed two of her favorite spots to grab a bite in the capital of Tennessee. “It’s hard to keep up with all the new things happening,” Swift admitted. “I stick to the things that are old favorites for me. I love ordering sushi from Virago, I love Fido and the Hillsboro Village area. I love 12South—everybody loves 12South—but there’s also something good there.”


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What is there to do in 12South?

12South certainly isn’t short on options for those visiting Nashville. The neighborhood, which stretches about half a mile, boasts quite a few dining and shopping options. Tourists can experience fine dining or even shop for vintage clothes. There are also plenty of bars, coffee shops, and bakeries in the neighborhood. Furthermore, tourists can support local artists and vendors by shopping in the boutiques located in the neighborhood.

Swift is more of a homebody when she’s in Nashville

Of course, Swift would likely cause a spectacle if she decided to eat out in 12South on a regular basis. But it seems that while she has some staples, she doesn’t eat out much when she’s in Nashville. Instead, the Amsterdam actor prefers to be a bit of a homebody and visit with family. “For me, when I’m in Nashville, I do a lot of cooking and a lot of ordering in now, because usually I just want to spend time with my mom and dad.”