‘The Bachelorette’: Why Fans Are Demanding Better for Tayshia Adams

By now, most of Bachelor Nation has heard the news that Tayshia Adams has replaced Clare Crawley as The Bachelorette. In a twist nobody saw coming, Crawley seems to have fallen in love very early on in the season and refused to continue filming despite the stipulations of her contract. Fortunately, Adams has stepped in to take over.

Tayshia Adams star of The Bachelorette
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The news that Adams has replaced Crawley has been met with overwhelming positivity. Adams has been a fan-favorite in the franchise since she competed on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor. Her stint on Bachelor in Paradise and short-lived relationship with John Paul Jones only increased her popularity. In fact, she was so popular that she was an original contender to star as The Bachelorette for this upcoming season. Ultimately, though, the network selected Crawley.

Tayshia Adams replaces Clare Crawley as ‘The Bachelorette’

But, it looks like being The Bachelorette is Adams’ fate and fans couldn’t be more thrilled. Those who were excited for Crawley’s season are pleased that she managed to find love so early on. Meanwhile, those who wanted Adams from the beginning are ecstatic that she’s getting her shot at love. Adams also brings some diversity to the franchise which has been predominately White. As Adams is half Black and half Mexican, she will likely bring a new audience to the show.

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Though it has been confirmed by numerous sources that Adams has replaced Crawley, ABC still has not confirmed it. In fact, today, August 4, 2020, the Bachelor franchise released promos that featured Crawley. This managed to confuse some fans and upset some others. They felt annoyed that the franchise wasn’t promoting Adams yet. “Disappointed that they are keeping Tayshia in the dark! It’s not fair!” one fan wrote on Instagram.

Fans don’t like that the cast is tailored to Crawley’s needs

Others were less upset about the lastest Bachelorette promo and more upset by the overall situation. They didn’t like the fact that Adams was seen as Crawley’s replacement. They felt that she should be given her own group of men whose beliefs and lifestyles were in line with her own and not just get Crawley’s leftovers.

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“Wait so does Tayshia get recycled guys??? from Clare’s guys,” one fan questioned on The Bachelorette Instagram page. “Yes she’ll take over which pisses me off bc she needed her own da*n men,” another fan responded. Another fan was quick to point out that the selected men were clearly selected based on Crawley’s preferences and not Adams’.

‘The Bachelorette’ viewers express their grievances on Instagram

“My thing is.. previous contestants have said when they applied for the main role, that they ask you what kind of women/men you’re into. These were all catered to Clare’s likings. At least half of them are. So we’ll see what happens,” an informed fan of The Bachelorette chimed in. Others felt that Adams shouldn’t have to deal with men hand-selected for Crawley, especially given that the switch only happened because Crawley didn’t play by the rules.

“Can you all please give @tayshiaaa her due respect,” one Instagram user demanded. “She shouldn’t be a fill-in for a bunch of guys who wanted to date Clare. Who quite frankly did not hold up her end and communicated with a contestant prior to the show restarting. @therachlindsay @bkoof I hope you all are going to cover how Tayshia deserves waaay more than to be runner up. Sorry just annoyed at this. Tayshia should have been the bachelorette to begin with,” the adamant fan shared.

Will the franchise add more contestants for Adams?

We’re sure that in time Adams will get her own promos which celebrate her as The Bachelorette. Hopefully, the franchise also finds her some men who are interested in dating her in addition to the ones already selected. But, even if Adams doesn’t find love on the show, at least she’ll make some money and get more opportunities that come from being the lead.