Ted Bundy: A Theory Says Rose Bundy Is Living Under the Pseudonym Amapola White

Ted Bundy terrorized the Pacific north-west coast of the United States in the 1970s. The Netflix series Conversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes and the movie Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile put Bundy — and those closest to him — top of mind for many. 

Despite being a serial killer, Bundy had relationships with Elizabeth Kendall and Carole Ann Boone. Bundy famously married Boone during his trial and on Oct. 24, 1982, their daughter Rose Bundy was born. Today, many people think Rose is a poet living and working in England under the name Amapola White.

Infamous serial killer Ted Bundy at a Florida courthouse
Ted Bundy | Getty

Ted Bundy has a daughter, Rose Bundy 

Bundy met Boone working at the Washington State Department of Emergency Services. “I liked Ted immediately,” Boone said in a biography about the killer.

“He struck me as being a rather shy person with a lot more going on under the surface than what was on the surface,” she added. “He certainly was more dignified and restrained than the more certifiable types around the office.”

Despite the murder charges against Bundy, Boone stood by him during his trial. He proposed to her in 1980 on the witness stand, which made them legally married instantly. Later, while Bundy was imprisoned in Florida, Boone claimed guards left them alone and occasionally walked in on them during sex. Boone maintains her daughter, Rose, is Bundy’s biological child.

TikTok teen Ally Bragg claims she is Ted Bundy’s granddaughter 

In 2019, Ally Bragg posted a since-deleted video on TikTok claiming she was the infamous serial killer’s granddaughter. “Famous relative check,” Bragg said in the video before showcasing photos of Bundy, Boone, and their daughter. Bragg also showed pictures she claimed to be herself and her mother — Rose. 

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Eventually, the internet disproved Bragg’s story. “The whole Ted Bundy video was a joke,” Bragg said in a later upload. “I didn’t expect it to blow up at all….It would be nice if everybody would just stop with it because Ted Bundy’s not my grandfather, so thanks.”

Neither Carole Ann and Rose commented on the TikTok video, which Bragg made to cultivate followers on the app. The two have been in hiding for decades, but some still think Rose is living in the public eye under another name.  

Are Rose Bundy and Amapola White the same person?

According to Nothing Is Revealed, the British poet White could be a name Bundy’s daughter is using. Members of mystery communities started to speculate about Rose’s alter ego after the Facebook page “Outing Rose” was shut down. The page claimed Rose was living in England and writing under a pseudonym.

White’s book of poems Tonight My Demons Hold Me was “penned as a form of therapy while the author was dealing with mental health problems.” This is White’s only book, and very little information on the author exists. 

According to users on the Unexplained Mysteries forum, Bundy’s daughter could also be living under the name Rosa. Despite whatever connections have been made between Rose Bundy and Rosa/Amapola White, many people are skeptical. 

“The so-called ‘experts’ that are on any Bundy thread say [his daughter] lives in Oklahoma, USA and uses the first name Abigail,” said a user in the forum. To their point, Bundy’s real daughter would likely avoid social media and life in the public eye at all costs.