‘Teen Mom 2′: It’s Been a Rough Week for Jenelle Evans’ Exes

While Teen Mom 2  fans are busy searching for clues to link Jenelle Evans to her ex, David Eason, things aren’t going swimmingly for her other exes. In fact, two people who have been romantically involved with Evans in the past have found themselves in the presence of police officers in the last seven days.  Both Nathan Griffith, who is the father of Eason’s son, Kaiser, and Courtland Rogers, who was married to Evans for two years, have had run-ins with the law. Eason has had his own legal troubles, too.

Courtland Rogers is currently in jail facing serious charges

Rogers and Evans were married for two years, and while they didn’t have any children, their relationship was rife with drama. The drama hasn’t ended for Rogers now that he’s no longer with Evans. In 2018, Rogers was arrested in Leland, North Carolina for assault. According to People, Rogers allegedly attacked a woman. He also reportedly threatened to kill the woman and her family.

Rogers’ most recent arrest occurred in January 2019. The troubled father of one was picked up by the New Hanover County Sherrif’s Office on suspicion of larceny. He was also charged with possession of a controlled substance. Currently behind bars, Rogers will see a judge to discuss the charges on Jan. 28. Right now, it looks like he’s facing several felony counts, including a probation violation. A misdemeanor drug charge has also been tacked on to his list of charges.

Nathan Griffith was picked up by police for a psychological evaluation

While Rogers is sitting in jail, another one of Evans’ former loves had a run-in with the police. Griffith, who is the father of Evans’ 5-year-old son, Kaiser, had the cops called on him after an argument with his mother. According to reports, Griffith and his mother got into an argument over a car accident. Griffith left the house while threatening to take his own life.

After his mother could not reach him, she called police, fearing for his safety. According to the Daily Mail, police were able to locate Griffith. He agreed to seek psychological help at an area hospital but was released the same evening. He apparently isn’t a threat to himself or others. There is no word on whether he’s cleared up the issue with his mother.

Evans and Griffith appeared to be mending fences after she left Eason and set down roots in Nashville, but that seems to be a thing of the past. Griffith and Evans appear to be back to their old tricks, now that Eason seems to be back in the picture. Speaking of Eason, it looks like he’s had his own legal troubles recently, too.

David Eason had a warrant out for his arrest

Before Evans decided to drop the restraining order against Eason, the father of three had other legal troubles to deal with. Eason was expected in a North Carolina courthouse on Jan. 9 over an illegal towing case. He failed to show up in court, and a warrant was issued for his arrest, according to TMZ.  There is no word on whether he cleared up the issue.

The following day, on Jan. 10, Evans requested to have the order of protection against Eason lifted. The pair were set to face off in court on Jan. 14, but the court date was canceled after a judge agreed to lift the order. They were later spotted together walking through Nashville with their daughter, Ensley. Evans also referred to herself as Jenelle Eason in a recent Instagram story and was spotted wearing her engagement ring. The clues have led fans to believe the couple is reconciling.