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Teen Mom 2 stars Jenelle Evans and David Eason are currently separated and on their way to divorce. In accordance with North Carolina law, the couple has to be separated for a year before they can officially call it quits on their marriage. And it seems David is already dating other women. Here’s what his alleged girlfriend had to say about Jenelle and how Jenelle responded.

‘Teen Mom 2’ star David Eason has a new girlfriend who called Jenelle Evans ‘desperate’

Teen Mom 2 showed David Eason and Jenelle Evans’ tumultuous relationship, and they officially separated in February 2024. The couple shares a daughter, Ensley, and Jenelle has two other children, Jace and Kaiser, from previous relationships. David has his daughter, Maryssa, from another relationship as well.

Jenelle and David’s separation has been full of drama. Before the couple officially split, Jenelle reportedly grew upset with David for spending time buying shots for women at bars. Now, it seems he may have a new girlfriend. According to screen recordings posted to CreateChaosGossip, the alleged new girlfriend posted a TikTok of herself speaking about David and Jenelle.

“I’ll have that boat up and running,” the girlfriend said, referring to the boat David is currently living on. ” … I’m the captain now.”

“Can we talk about how she’s going blonde because I’m blonde? Like, that’s a desperate move,” the girlfriend continued. “If that’s not desperate measures, I don’t know what is.”

In another clip, she said, “We’re taking the boat; we’re taking the kids; we’re getting the alimony.” She also alluded to Jenelle taking frequent trips away from her kids and neglecting them.

Jenelle responded to the TikToks with a post on X. “Girl, he isn’t focused on you. He’s focused on all the other girls he’s talking to other than you,” she wrote with a laughing-crying emoji. “If only you knew.”

Jenelle Evans recently teased that she’s also dating someone new

'Teen Mom 2' stars Jenelle Evans and David Eason at the 206 MTV Video Music Awards. Jenelle is cradling a baby bump.
David Eason and Jenelle Evans from ‘Teen Mom 2’ | Jared Siskin/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

‘Teen Mom’: Jenelle Evans’ Son, Jace, Is ‘Absolutely Elated’ That She’s Divorcing David Eason

David Eason might be currently dating someone new, but Teen Mom 2 fans suspect Jenelle Evans also has a new man. On May 3, 2024, she posted a TikTok showing her lipsynching “I Like the Way You Kiss Me” by Artemas. The TikTok then jumps to her in the car and sings the words to the song while holding onto a man’s arm. Jenelle doesn’t reveal the identity of the man beside her.

Fans called her out for her behavior, but she wasn’t having it.

“Girl, it’s OK to be alone for awhile,” a fan commented.

“I’ve been alone for awhile; you just didn’t know,” Jenelle wrote back.

“Girl, you don’t neeeeeed a man,” another fan wrote.

“You’re right, I didn’t say I needed one either,” Jenelle commented with a shrug emoji.

She’s joining ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’

Fans will see more of Jenelle Evans on the small screen, as she’s reportedly joining Teen Mom: The Next Chapter after the network initially fired her in 2019.

Rumors swirled around Jenelle potentially returning after being seen with Briana DeJesus in Florida. Sources told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup that several cast members are unhappy about Jenelle’s return.

“Only a few cast members were aware of what was happening until that photo came out,” a source told the publication. “Some of the girls are very upset that Jenelle is getting to be on Next Chapter, despite everything that’s happened.”

“Some of the girls probably saw it coming, though,” another source said. “They knew when Jenelle dumped David that MTV would come calling. But I think most of them assumed [Jenelle] would be put on Teen Mom: Family Reunion and not Next Chapter. To have her go right to [Next Chapter] is kind of a slap in the face to some of the other girls.” 

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