‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion: Ryan Edwards Blames Maci Bookout For His Lack of Relationship with Bentley

The Teen Mom OG cast went through a lot this year. Ryan Edwards, just like other members of the cast, dealt with legal ramifications and child custody drama. Arrested and jailed for a violation of probation during the earlier part of the year, Edwards is now home and ready to talk about what’s going on in his life. While fans have long been concerned about his sobriety, he dropped a bomb about his relationship with Bentley that had some fans seeing red. He blames Maci Bookout for his strained relationship with his 10-year-old son. 

Ryan Edwards blames his ex for his poor relationship with his son

Mackenzie Standifer, Edwards’ current wife, has been posting photos of the father of two ever since he returned from jail back in April. While several of the images featured Edwards’ son, Bentley, their relationship remains somewhat strained. Edwards took to the Teen Mom OG stage to blame his ex for the emotional distance between himself and the 10-year-old boy.  

Edwards claims that the restraining orders filed against him have directly impacted his relationship with Bentley. Technically, Bentley is not included under the orders of protection, and Edwards can still visit with the youngster, but his inability to communicate with Bentley’s custodial parent might make the process a bit more difficult. Bentley, however, was featured in an Easter snapshot on his stepmother’s Instagram page. He was also clearly present for a family beach vacation, according to the same Instagram feed. 

Why did Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney file for restraining orders? 

In March 2018, Bookout and McKinney both filed for restraining orders against Ryan Edwards. The original request also asked that all three children living in the home be protected, as well. In May 2018, a judge granted Bookout, McKinney and the two children they share orders of protection, according to E! News

Maci Bookout
Teen Moms OG star Maci Bookout | Photo by Denise Truscello/WireImage)

The couple pursued orders of protection after Edwards behavior became more erratic. According to court documents, Edwards threatened the couple harm, showed up at sporting events under the influence, and even threatened to show up at the home and take Bentley. Bookout also accused Edwards of driving under the influence. 

The May 2019 judgment granted orders of protection for McKinney, Bookout and their two children, Jayde and Maverick. The order, however, does not offer Bentley the same protection, and his visitation schedule was left in place. The order will expire in May 2020. 

Is Ryan Edwards sober right now?

Dr. Drew specifically asked Edwards about his sobriety. While the father of two stated that he’s sober right now, he said he couldn’t know for sure if he’d be sober forever. He did note that he’d like to be. He also delved into the nature of his addiction; he said that it all began with painkillers. Once he moved onto heroin, however, that’s all he ever did, according to Us Weekly

Edwards most recent stint in jail stemmed from a theft of services charge. The father of two opted to spend time in prison to expire his probation. Now back home at his parents’ house, he is expecting his second child with Standifer. The pair already share one son. Standifer also has a son from a previous relationship.