‘Teen Mom OG’: Was Farrah Abraham’s Switch to the Adult Film Industry a Smart Financial Move?

Word on the street is that Farrah Abraham is broke, well at least it seems that way according to several pending lawsuits. The former Teen Mom OG star walked away from reality TV fame to try her hand in the adult entertainment industry. While she seems to have serious financial issues as of late, it’s probably not due to a lack of a paycheck. In fact, it can be argued that Abraham’s decision to leave Teen Mom OG for the adult entertainment industry was actually a smart financial decision. Her inability to manage her money, however, is an entirely different matter.

How much did Farrah Abraham make from her foray into the adult entertainment industry?

The actual value of Abraham’s adult entertainment career remains unknown. Abraham claimed she netted over $1 million for her first pornographic video, and she did release additional videos. While several media outlets have called the claims absurd, the mother of one still receives quarterly royalty checks for her work. The sum of the deal could have easily topped $1 million.

Farrah Abraham attends boohoo x All That Glitters Launch Party on November 07, 2019
Farrah Abraham | Dana Pleasant/Getty Images for boohoo.com

The Cinemaholic also notes that Abraham has worked for CamSoda, an adult entertainment website, and has had a residency at a gentlemen’s club. She also has endorsement deals, offers sponsored content on her social media profiles, and is regularly jetting off to exotic locations. Was the move toward adult entertainment smart? Possibly, but Abraham wasn’t making a meager paycheck through Teen Mom OG, either.

How much would Farrah have made as a Teen Mom OG cast member?

Farrah Abraham never revealed how much she was raking in during her time on Teen Mom OG, but we can easily estimate how much she would have made if she stayed on the show. Jenelle Evans revealed her salary during recent court hearings. Evans attested to making $400,000 for her work on Teen Mom 2.

Since Abraham appeared on Teen Mom OG, we can assume she made a bit more. It’s been theorized that Catelynn Lowell, who also appeared on Teen Mom OG, alongside Abraham, makes around $500,000 for a season of work. Abraham was booted from the show in 2018 partly due to her desire to continue in the adult entertainment industry and partly because of her poor treatment of crew members, according to Us Weekly. It’s safe to assume she was raking in around $400,000 per year before her time on the reality TV show ended, considering the length of her tenure.

Where did all of Farrah Abraham’s money go?

Financial trouble seems to be following Abraham no matter what she does. The mother of one is being sued by multiple parties. In 2019 alone, Abraham was sued by a charity promoter when she skipped out on a boxing match. The promoter, Damon Feldman, alleges that Abraham was so desperately in need of money that he advanced her cash before she dropped out of the match.  She was also sued by her landlord when she shuttered several retail businesses and refused to pay the remainder of her rent.

So, where did all of Abraham’s money go? The former reality TV star doesn’t seem to think she has a financial issue, and if she does, she’s not speaking about where all of her cash went. She did, however, recently share an intimate procedure with fans. That’s right, she underwent a vaginal rejuvenation surgery and shared the whole thing on Instagram. Abraham has seemingly had a plethora of plastic surgery, leading some fans to assume that’s where all her money has gone.