‘Tell Me Lies’ Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: ‘And I’m Sorry If I Dissed You’

New year, new semester, new roommate, new classes, new leaf? Everything is new for Lucy (Grace Van Patten) in the Sept. 28 episode of Hulu’s Tell Me Lies. Well, almost. She returns to Baird College but soon finds herself repeating the past. Continue to get a recap of Tell Me Lies Season 1 Episode 6: “And I’m Sorry If I Dissed You”

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Tell Me Lies Season 1 Episode 6: “And I’m Sorry If I Dissed You”]

‘Tell Me Lies’ Season 1 Episode 6: Lucy submits a short story about her parents for a writing class

In “And I’m Sorry If I Dissed You,” which hit Hulu on Sept. 28, Lucy begins her advanced writing class. However, things aren’t off to a great start. She doesn’t have the necessary book, nor has she done the reading. The assignment for the next class? Write a short story about a time of crisis.

From there, Lucy sets out for the library. She sees Stephen’s (Jackson White) roommate, Evan (Branden Cook), who offers to loan her the book. But Lucy wants to avoid their dorm room because she says she’s done with Stephen. 

Borrowing the book turns into Lucy asking Evan for information on Stephen. “When it comes to Stephen, you’re probably not imagining things,” Evan tells her. 

Later, Lucy struggles to write her short story. Her new roommate, Charlie, suggests she “repurpose” an old essay. So Lucy opts to use old, anonymous LiveJournal entries.

In class, Lucy’s peers and teacher praise her work. They love her story about a mother cheating on a dying father. Unbeknownst to them — and Charlie — Lucy’s story is actually true. It’s what she experienced with her mother, CJ, played by Grey’s Anatomy alum Jessica Capshaw

Lucy confronts Stephen about the flower drawing

Grace Van Patten, whose character Lucy confronts Stephen about Macy in 'Tell Me Lies' Season 1 Episode 6: 'And I'm Sorry If I Dissed You'
Grace Van Patten in ‘Tell Me Lies’ | Josh Stringer/Hulu

After ignoring him, Lucy confronts Stephen about the drawing she found in Macy’s (Lily McInerny) bedroom. What happened between him and Lucy’s roommate, who died during Welcome Week?

Through tears, Stephen says he and Macy were “friends with benefits.” What’s more, he’d been in the car with her when she died. 

“Is there anything else? I promise you can trust me,” Lucy replies as she consoles Stephen. Drew (Benjamin Wadsworth) was responsible for the hit-and-run, he says. 

Meanwhile, Pippa (Sonia Mena) and Bree (Catherine Missal) aren’t happy that Lucy and Stephen seem to be back together. Pippa shares she saw Stephen and Diana at the library together. But Lucy doesn’t care. She doesn’t want to hear other people’s opinions about her relationship. 

Stephen ends it with Diana before getting information from Wrigley

After having sex with Diana (Alicia Crowder) at the library, Stephen breaks things off with his on-again, off-again girlfriend. 

Stephen can’t get over the fact that she had sex with his best friend, Wrigley (Spencer House), during freshman year. “I didn’t think it was important. We didn’t know each other,” Diana says. But it’s not enough. Stephen can’t look at Diana the same. 

On the subject of Wrigley and Diana, Stephen asks Evan why the football star would never mention it. “Wrigley probably thought you wouldn’t care,” Evan says. “You can’t expect other people to take your relationship seriously when you don’t.” 

Later, Stephen sets out to punish Wrigley. He gives him cocaine at a party before asking him to go to the gym the following morning. The next day, Wrigley is struggling. He wants to go back to bed.

Stephen encourages him to “push through.” Finally, while wrapping up their gym session in the sauna, Stephen presses Wrigley for intimate details about his sex life with Pippa.

Eventually, Wrigley complies. But when he asks Stephen to share about his own sex life, he refuses. “I can’t talk about Lucy like that,” he says. 

Later, Stephen subtly reminds Wrigley of this new information he has on Pippa. Finally, he calls out Pippa for telling Lucy he saw him and Diana at the library. 

A new episode of Tell Me Lies drops every Wednesday on Hulu. 

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