‘That ’70s Show’: Moments That Haven’t Aged Well

Netflix just announced That ‘70s Show will be leaving the streaming platform. And as much as we all love hanging out down the street, all good things must come to an end. Yet as fun and hilarious as the sitcom can be, some aspects haven’t aged well. Keep reading to find out why. 

That '70s Show Cast
That ’70s Show Cast | Chris Weeks/Getty Images

‘That ‘70’s Show’ paved the way for several A-list celebrities 

We truly enjoy spending time down in Eric Forman’s basement with Jackie, Hyde, Kelso, and the rest of the gang. The series perfectly captures what it’s like to be in a small town with little to do but hang out with your closest pals. The sitcom has also created several iconic catchphrases that we still quote to this day. 

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Yet one of the coolest aspects of That ‘70s Show is the fact that it introduced us to some of the biggest names in Hollywood. The series is even responsible for creating one of the cutest celebrity couples to grace the red carpet. Not only did Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher go on to become A-list actors, but they also wound up marrying each other. Kelso and Jackie forever!

Similarly, Laura Prepon went on to find massive success in her role as Alex Vause in Orange Is the New Black

Yet despite all the success that derived from That ‘70s Show, some moments on the sitcom were pretty problematic. These are the aspects of the show that did not age well.

The homophobia in ‘Eric’s Buddy’

It’s too bad that the first male-to-male kiss on primetime television is done for laughs. In the 1998 episode titled “Eric’s Buddy,” Joseph Gordon-Levitt guest stars as Eric’s new friend. His character assumes Eric is gay and musters up the courage to kiss him. The idea that Gordon-Levitt mistakes Eric’s sexuality is supposed to be hilarious for some reason, and Eric spends the rest of the episode trying to “prove his manhood.” Pretty tasteless, if you ask us.

Steven Hyde discovers he is biracial

One of the laziest storylines that would never fly in 2020 is when Steven Hyde discovers he is biracial. Considering Danny Masterson (Hyde) is not biracial, it seems wildly inconsiderate that he would portray a biracial character. 

All the fat-phobic jokes involving ‘Big Rhonda’ 

Rhonda from That ‘70s Show is one of the kindest personas to grace the series. She’s like a breath of fresh air compared to the main cast of characters, who have a much icier spirit in comparison. Yet despite how sweet and considerate Fez’s girlfriend is, she is the butt of several fat-phobic jokes. Sadly, there are full storylines dedicated to “Big Rhonda”‘s weight. 

The frequent slut-shaming when it comes to the female characters on the show

That ‘70s Show is guilty of slut-shaming when it comes to the female characters on the series. While Kelso gets a bunch of high fives whenever he “scores,” the ladies on That ‘70s Show receive endless scorn.

This is especially true for Eric’s sister, Laurie, who is seen as morally corrupt just because she likes to explore her options. The way she gets treated by Eric’s friends, as well as her own family, is extremely unsettling. It’s hard to imagine this sort of “humor” ever being accepted by today’s standards.