The 1 Way Kim Kardashian’s Biggest Scare Inspired Close Friend Jonathan Cheban

Paris Fashion Week is always an exciting time, and it holds a special place for Kim Kardashian and her entourage (it may have even been where she realized she was in love with Kanye West). However, the fun, glamour, and glitz all came to a screeching halt almost four years ago during Paris Fashion Week 2016. That was when Kardashian faced a harrowing and life-changing experience. She was tied up, robbed, and left emotionally traumatized by the crime. 

Kardashian has been open about the experience and how it has changed her perspective, and it seems like her friends have taken note of the seriousness of the situation. In fact, Kardashian’s long-time friend Jonathan Cheban made some changes to his own security when he recently attended Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2020. 

Kim Kardashian was traumatized by the robbery

Jonathan Cheban, Kim Kardashian West, and La La Anthony attend the Nas "Nasir" Album Listening Session
Jonathan Cheban, Kim Kardashian & La La Anthony | Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Back in October 2016, Kardashian was staying at the l’Hotel de Pourtalès in Paris. The luxury hotel should have been secure, but two men disguised themselves as police officers and threatened a concierge to gain access to Kardashian’s room. This is when things got really scary. One of the robbers put a gun to Kardashian’s head and took a box of jewelry worth $6.7 million. They also stole her engagement ring, which was worth over $4 million. 

The criminals then bound Kardashian’s hands and feet, put tape over her mouth, and locked her in the bathroom. They escaped on bicycles before Kardashian was able to get free of her restraints and call for help. Kardashian stayed long enough to give a statement to the police and then got on a private plane to get back to the U.S. as quickly as she could. Meanwhile, Kanye West abruptly stopped his New York concert mid-song when he heard the news. 

The trauma of the event really stuck with Kardashian. She called it “the scariest thing I’ve ever been through in my entire life” and admits that she thought she was going to die. She changed some of her habits in an attempt to provide more security. For example, she stopped making social media posts that show her location in real-time. 

Jonathan Cheban is close friends with Kim Kardashian

Jonathan Cheban, who has long had a Hollywood presence as a PR expert and celebrity manager, is a close friend of Kim Kardashian’s. In more recent years, Cheban has branched out from his PR roots and focused on his passion for food. That worked out so well that he is now known as the Foodgod and has opened multiple restaurants. 

While the exact details of Cheban and Kardashian’s first meeting are unclear, friends say they met at a birthday party. What is obvious is that the two hit it off right away. They’ve attended several celebrity events together and are often popping up on each other’s social media feeds. Cheban even credits West with helping him perfect his Foodgod image

Jonathan Cheban focused on security for Paris

Since Jonathan Cheban is so close to Kardashian, he has likely seen the traumatic effects of the robbery up close. Surely, the threat of crime was on his mind as he headed to Paris Fashion Week. His plan to keep himself safe from the kind of terrifying experience his friend endured included some serious security detail. 

Cheban showed up to the Parisian event with multiple security guards. Cheban isn’t only relying on second-hand experiences to guide his thoughts on safety. In 2013, someone attempted to steal his $500,000 watch as he dined out in the Hamptons. He is also very public about his love for pricey jewelry. Those who pay attention to the Foodgod’s Instagram feed and podcast are likely to know that he has a $60,000 hamburger necklace and a $98,000 cotton candy necklace. 

Cheban’s celebrity status and taste for flashy jewels make him a potential target for theft at such a high-profile event. Luckily, he was able to attend without incident.