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While the Marvel Cinematic Universe focuses much of its attention on earth-saving missions and life-or-death predicaments, it doesn’t shy from a little bit of romance. Fans got Stark and Pepper Potts – a relationship that often left Stark choosing between love and heroism. And, who could forget the romance between Black Widow and Hulk, which reached a peak in Age of Ultron and then largely disappeared from the saga as a primary narrative. And, of course, there’s Vision and Wanda, who will receive a Disney+ series as part of Phase 4. Yet with the X-Men coming to the MCU, new romances may take center stage. 

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President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

With Stark and Rogers no longer in the landscape — and their respective love lives no longer presenting secondary plots — some new romantic entanglements are due to take center stage. And, based on recently released information, two romances involving famous mutants may play a large part in the MCU.

1. Storm and Black Panther 

Multiple outlets have reported on the theory that Storm will join the superhero soiree in Black Panther 2, coming to boast the whirlwind romance with T’Challa that her comic book character is famous for. 

In the comics, Storm and T’Challa fall in love, get married, and have children…before divorcing down the line. Yet, if the duo follows this trajectory, their children could become part of the New Avengers / Young Avengers when such a team finally comes into formation. 

Considering such a movie (Young Avengers) isn’t even slated for Phase 4, upcoming births could provide enough time for the children to age into their heroic duties by the time such altruistic responsibilities fall into their lap. 

Ororo Munroe and T’Challa also go on to become quite the power couple. Uncontested by most, they are able to unite two of the most essential teams when necessary: the X-Men and the Avengers. Thus, their romance could be the basis for multiple mash-up movies and future installments. 

2. Rogue and Gambit 

According to insider reports, Rogue may join Captain Marvel 2 as an adversary, providing a link to Mystique’s Brotherhood of Mutants. As is the case in the comics, the character will start off fighting for the bad guys before transitioning to the X-Men as a primary hero. However, according to Marvel insider Mikey Sutton, Gambit is also set to join the franchise. 


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Gambit will reportedly find his way to the MCU via a Disney+, western-themed show about the character’s origin story. The show will feature”gritty action” with a “New Orleans flavor” according to Sutton.

With both Gambit and Rogue set to join (likely as part of Phase 5), the two are destined to find their way to one another, and their romance is bound to take flight under the Disney umbrella. 

Will the two keep each other just bad enough for our viewing pleasure? Will they be good when necessary, but always work to serve themselves? The MCU may have a Bonnie and Clyde type trajectory for these two, yet with a more heroic slant.