The 3 MCU Movies Bound to Set Up The New Avengers

Now that several original Avengers had bid the Marvel Cinematic Universe farewell — or are seemingly prepping to bid the landscape farewell — it’s only a matter of time until a new soiree of supers come to define the team. Ms. Marvel is coming to Disney+ and Hawkeye will train Kate Bishop in his upcoming show; thus, it goes without saying that these two newbies will be pivotal to the round two team. However, which MCU movies in Phase 4 will set the New Avengers narrative into motion? 

Will certain films introduce new characters, or set the landscape up for a transformation? Let’s go through the MCU movies that are most likely to catalyze the new saga. 

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige
President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

1. ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ 

Thor: Love and Thunder will likely be Chris Hemsworth’s final bow as the God of Thunder, as he will presumably pass the hammer — literally and metaphorically — to Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor by the end of the installment. Yet, many presume that Jane Foster will become a part of the A-Force, not the New Avengers. Meaning, she may fight alongside an all-female team led by Captain Marvel, as opposed to joining forces with Spidey, Doctor Strange, and so on. However, Love and Thunder may have another character introduction (sort of), who could become part of the New Avengers.

Rumor has it that Loki — portrayed by Tom Hiddleston — will get stuck in his childhood body during Love and Thunder. Thus, the movie will provide an escape for Tom Hiddleston, while keeping the character in the franchise. Yet, the character would retain all of Hiddleston’s adult memory; meaning, his arc from rejected child to mischievous villain to sometimes hero would have already occurred. Thus, he could choose to use his chance at a “redo” to join the good guys, coming to fight alongside the New Avengers team when the group assembles. 

2. ‘Black Widow’ 

Several narrative rumors currently surround Black Widow — two of which could most clearly connect to a new Avengers saga. If Yelena Belova takes over for Natasha Romanoff, she could become the franchise’s new Black Widow. However, if General Ross’ founds his Thunderbolts team — a group of villains and heroes — such individuals could challenge the New Avengers (in a fashion similar to the X-Men and the Brotherhood); Black Widow could the foundation for such a conflict via a not-too-long-ago prequel. 

3. ‘Captain Marvel 2’

According to recent reports from We Got This Covered (WGTC), Captain Marvel 2 will work to set up the New Avengers landscape. The outlet reported — relying on intel from MCU Cosmic — that Marvel Studios is looking to use Captain Marvel 2 in a manner similar to how they used Civil War. The movie will reportedly place the characters where they need to be when the New Avengers begin to form in a following installment. And, just like the Russo Brothers helmed Civil War and Infinity War, the director behind Captain Marvel 2 will reportedly handle Avengers 5.