‘The A-Force’ Could Be the First Phase 5 MCU Installment: Here’s Why

Based on recent reports, as well as statements from Marvel President Kevin Feige surrounding Captain Marvel, fans know that the heroine will play a significant role in molding the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And, she will likely come to lead the all-female superhero team known as the A-Force. 

Brie Larson Captain Marvel MCU
Brie Larson attends the Marvel Studios ‘Captain Marvel’ premiere | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

While Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel will lead the A-Force, the post-Avengers: Endgame transition will not mirror a pre-Endgame landscape. Meaning, this won’t be the only major mash-up team fans receive. The Illuminati and the New Avengers are also allegedly in the pipeline, with Doctor Strange and Spider-Man set to lead respectively. However, these two projects, unlike the A-Force, do not seem destined for an early Phase 5 debut. 

If you look at all the information provided, Marvel Studios seems to be heading for the A-Force sooner than later. Let’s break down the potential members who are already walking down the road to the all-female super squad. 

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ can create a segue into the A-Force for Jane Foster’s Thor and Valkyrie

Thor: Love and Thunder will reintroduce Jane Foster as Mighty Thor and, based on the events in Endgame, follow Valkyrie as she discovers what it means to be the King of Asgard (and choose the fate of her people). The movie will likely feature the God of Thunder handing the hammer (literally and metaphorically) over to Jane Foster to become Thor in all instances moving forward. 

Valkyrie will likely continue to play a significant role alongside the two Thors, as the movie is said to predominantly focus on Chris Hemsworth’s exit. Yet, with Jane Foster receiving a narrative that pushes her into superhero territory, she will already be ready for combat come Phase 5. As for Valkyrie, a little more character development and exploration in Love and Thunder is all she needs to bring added value to a mash-up. And, considering she is a supporting character in the Thor franchise, a standalone installment seems unlikely at this point in time.

‘She-Hulk’ is coming to Disney+ and Marvel could use a change of formula 

She-Hulk is another integral member of the A-Force, and the character is receiving an entire Disney+ show in Phase 4, which would prime the actor for an early cinematic appearance come Phase 5. Furthermore, Wanda is still in the MCU and receiving a TV show in Phase 4 and Shuri deserves a little spotlight separate from Black Panther. Shuri has the brains to play a dominant role on a superhero team and would receive more attention and provide more value as part of the A-Force.

Not to mention, when you look back on Marvel phases, they tend to end with mash-ups, to introduce the next phase of standalone installments. However, looking to defy expectations and break the mold, Marvel Studios could start with a team-up that leads to a set of standalone installments. Such an act would prove that the studio is committed to ingenuity and excitement over box office formula. 

Why not start with a team-up movie and segue into individual arcs; if multiple superhero teams are coming, the studio can find a way to start and end with mash-ups, catalyzing and concluding MCU phases in the most fan-satisfying way.