‘The Amanda Show’: 1 ‘Violent’ Episode Was Only Aired Once

One of Nickelodeon’s best shows from the early 2000s was The Amanda Show. There were many bizarre characters that fans loved. Actor Amanda Bynes led the show, playing numerous characters like Judge Trudy and Moody. Drake Bell donned a blonde wig to portray the iconic and meme-worthy character of Totally Kyle. 

Years after the show, former viewers still love the series. While they recall their favorite episodes, there may be one that they do not think about much. “The Lucklesses” was an episode that featured a family experiencing bad luck. However, the network thought it was too violent for kids and took it off the air. 

Amanda Bynes smiling on stage, waving and holding an orange blimp figurine
Amanda Bynes | Chris Polk/Getty Images

What is ‘The Amanda Show’ about?

The Amanda Show is a live-action sketch comedy series that first aired in 1999. Younger audiences were able to tune in to watch the show on Nickelodeon. The series starred Bynes as the host as well as other characters in recurring sketches. Other stars included Bell, Josh Peck, and Nancy Sullivan. 

The show took place in a fictional world where the characters broadcasted a series. Each episode featured several sketches. Many were recurring as well as fan favorites. Some of the sketches included “Judge Trudy” and “Blockblister.” 

As evident by their names, a few of the sketches were spoofs of other popular shows and businesses. The Amanda Show became a huge hit after its debut and earned high ratings on the network. Despite its growing fan base, the show ended in 2002 after three seasons. 

The reason why it ended was that Bynes wanted to leave the show to pursue other opportunities. Even though its run was short, fans still remember the show fondly. 

Nickelodeon banned an episode

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Some fans may remember this one episode, while others may not. During the show’s second season, there was one episode that premiered only once before Nickelodeon removed it. Producers aptly titled the episode “The Lucklesses.” 

In the episode, it focuses on a family that experiences one misfortune after another. It starts with the parents and their son playing a board game, which they end up losing. There is a storm, and they all get struck by lightning. Soon after the daughter returns home, a robber shows up to steal their money. 

Other instances of bad luck include winning the lottery only to have a dog snatch the winning ticket. At the end of the sketch, an asteroid heads toward Earth and destroys their home. The last image is a home completely burnt down.  

This particular episode seems darker in comparison to others, even though all the bad luck the family faces gets portrayed in a comedic fashion. While fans would not be able to see it on television anymore, they can find it available to watch on YouTube. 

The network thought it was too violent

The episode first premiered in March 2001. However, it was later that same year that a major tragic event would occur. According to E!, Nickelodeon pulled the episode from the air soon after what had happened on September 11, 2001. 

The terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center left many casualties and injuries. The event resulted in over 3,000 dead and the disaster appeared on multiple news channels. People across the country received live images as the events unfolded. What many people saw was a lot of smoke as buildings collapsed. 

“The Lucklesses” held similar imagery with the family’s home destroyed after a foreign object hits it, and since Nickelodeon works to create programs that are aimed toward children, the network viewed the episode as too violent. 

As a result, “The Lucklesses” never appeared on television again. However, it did air on Canadian networks. Fans may find the episode included in the show’s DVD set.