‘The Amazing Race 32’: Are Leo Brown and Alana Folsom Still Together?

Originally filmed in late 2018, The Amazing Race 32 had an initial release date of May 20, 2020. However, the premiere was pushed back to October to replace the popular reality competition series Survivor, that didn’t film due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in the CBS lineup. Dating team Leo Brown and Alana Folsom competed well but were eliminated in Leg 7 after other competitors used the Yield on them. Did the couple stay together after the show finished filming?

'The Amazing Race' celebrates traveling an amazing 1 million miles around the world when the 32nd Race kicks off from the legendary Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles on the season premiere
‘The Amazing Race’ celebrates traveling an amazing 1 million miles around the world when the 32nd Race kicks off from the legendary Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles on the season premiere | Timothy Kuratek

Leo Brown and Alana Folsom competed as a team on ‘The Amazing Race 32’

29-year-old Alana Folsom and 31-year-old Leo Brown, from Massachusetts, entered The Amazing Race 32 as a dating team. During the second leg, they helped sisters Kaylynn and Haley Williams by telling them how to finish decorating a bus in Columbia.

However, doing so upset dating boyfriends Will Jardell and James Wallington because it resulted in the elimination of former Olympic hurdlers team, Kellie Wells-Brinkley, and LaVonne Idlette.

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Therefore, the boyfriends U-Turned the couple in the next leg, making them complete both of the detours. Fortunately for Leo and Alana, the sisters repaid them by using their U-Turn on another team, allowing the couple to continue racing.

Their move to help the sisters did not go over well with several fans because they perceived it as racially motivated. Leo has since acknowledged the criticism in a Twitter thread

Alana and Leo were eliminated in 7th place

They performed well for the next two legs, placing third in both, but finished second to last in Germany, giving them a late start for the next leg.

Wanting to provide themselves with more time and feeling pressured by the other competitors, namely Will and James and the five-team Mine Alliance, the Blonde sisters Yielded the couple, making them the first team to have a U-Turn and Yield used against them in the same season.

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It proved fatal as Leo and Alana couldn’t recover, and they ended up finishing in seventh place.

Besides winning the million dollars, Leo wanted to compete on the Race to “convince” his girlfriend that he’s a “keeper,” and Alana wished to “gain a deeper trust and understanding” of her partner.

Leo and Alana recently married

According to an Instagram post by Alana, the Massachusetts-based couple began dating in January of 2018, nearly a year before they appeared on The Amazing Race 32.

A couple of months after filming wrapped in Jan. 2019, Leo proposed to Alana at a beach. Though it was only the two of them, he caught the special moment on camera by setting it up to make it look like they were posing for a picture before he dropped to one knee.

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They married in a traditional Jewish wedding on Sept. 10, a little over two years after meeting, in their backyard with limited guests due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The sisters, Kaylynn and Haley, were also in attendance. Leo has taken Alana’s last name.

The Amazing Race airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.