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It will be a long time before The Amazing Race returns to our screens. We know; we’re sad, too. But while waiting for season 35, fans can check out three other reality competition series to fill the Amazing Race-shaped hole in their hearts. And trust us, we won’t recommend that you watch Big Brother or Survivor, aka the obvious go-to’s when searching for shows similar to The Amazing Race.

Phil Keoghan, the host of 'The Amazing Race' Season 35, meets the season 34 teams at the starting line and raises his arm to signal for them to start the race. Keoghan wears a dark gray coat and blue jeans.
Phil Keoghan | Photo by Kit Karzen/CBS via Getty Images

‘Race to Survive Alaska’ will tide you over while waiting for ‘The Amazing Race’ Season 35

If Survivor and The Amazing Race had a baby, it would probably be Race to Survive Alaska.

The USA Network show, which premiered on Monday, April 3, features eight teams of two competing for $500,000. The contestants have to endure six races over 40 days. But whereas the Amazing Race teams get to retreat to the comfort of a hotel after each leg, the Race to Survive Alaska pairs must endure the grueling Alaska landscape.

The new reality competition series is currently airing on USA, and it will definitely keep you occupied while waiting for The Amazing Race Season 35. Race to Survive Alaska includes strategy, unforgiving elements, intense challenges, and a competition that will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.

‘The Challenge’

If you’re a binge-watcher and need plenty of content to tide you over while waiting for The Amazing Race Season 35, look no further than The Challenge.

There are 38 seasons and 526 episodes of the MTV series, and that’s not including any of the spin-offs or specials.

The Challenge features teams or pairs competing against one another in a series of, you guessed it, challenges to avoid elimination. And at the end of every episode, specific contestants participate in the elimination round (how they are chosen can vary from season to season). One team is eliminated, and the competition continues. During the finale, the remaining players compete in one final challenge to determine the winner.

Numerous seasons of The Challenge include former contestants from other reality shows such as The Amazing Race, Big Brother, Survivor, Are You the One?, Love Island, and more. So seeing Amazing Race fan favorites is an added bonus to tuning into The Challenge before season 35 premieres.

The Challenge is available to stream on Paramount+.


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‘Tough as Nails’ has the same host as ‘The Amazing Race’ Season 35

If you’re missing host Phil Keoghan during this Amazing Race hiatus, you’re in luck. The host headlines another reality competition series called Tough as Nails.

Keoghan and his wife Louise created Tough as Nails in 2020, and four seasons have aired on CBS. The show tests 12 working-class contestants by throwing them into job sites such as construction zones and railroads. They endure challenges, including “Overtime,” which are elimination competitions. One contestant is eliminated every episode (even though they can still compete in team challenges and win money).

In the finale, Keoghan crowns one contestant as the winner. And they earn $200,000, which is added to the money they have already won from previous challenges, plus a Ford truck.

Tough as Nails is available to stream on Paramount+. And The Amazing Race Season 35 will premiere during the 2023-2024 TV season on CBS.

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