‘The Amazing Race 34’: Derek and Claire Had Their ‘Biggest Fight’ in Leg 6

Over The Amazing Race‘s 34 seasons, fans have seen numerous couples and teams fight over the smallest and biggest things. The pressure and high stakes of the race equate to a stressful environment that could provoke anyone. And Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss let the stress get to them during the sixth leg of The Amazing Race Season 34.

Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss, who star in 'The Amazing Race' Season 34 Episode 7, compete in a Detour. Derek, wearing a light purple shirt, tosses a ball on top of a platform, while Claire, wearing a black shirt and black leggings, watches him.
Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss | Photo: CBS

Derek and Claire came in third place in ‘The Amazing Race’ Season 34 Episode 7

The couple from Big Brother 23 has been solid throughout The Amazing Race Season 34’s six legs. They have finished in first, fourth, seventh, second, fourth again, and third place, respectively. Derek and Claire are one of the teams to beat, and they made that known during The Amazing Race Season 34 Episode 7.

They were a part of the second group to begin the leg. Their first task was a memory-focused Roadblock, and Derek quickly completed it. He and Claire were the fourth team to leave the Roadblock and the fourth pair to arrive at the Detour.

While most of the racers chose to extract walnut oil, Derek and Claire picked the task that involved competing in three medieval games. Their strategy was selecting the other Detour to pass some of the other teams, which mostly worked. Derek and Claire were the second pair to complete the Detour, and they left for the pit stop.

Unfortunately, they fell behind on their way to the pit stop and came in third place. However, Derek and Claire were solid throughout the sixth leg and are one of the most entertaining teams to watch.

The ‘Big Brother’ couple reveals a fight they had that didn’t make it in the episode

Derek and Claire post episode recaps of The Amazing Race Season 34 on Derek’s YouTube channel. And their recap of episode 7 disclosed that they had gotten into a fight during leg six. On their way to the pit stop in Domme, they ran into some navigation trouble.

“This is when we got into probably the biggest fight of the race,” Derek shared. “[It] was within 2000 feet of the challenge.”

Claire added, “According to the map, if you are following a hiking trail, there is a turn-off that will get you to Domme very quick. And so that is the turn-off I wanted us to take. But we were driving, and there were no obvious roads where it should be.”

“Me and Claire are pulled over on the side of the road,” Derek continued. “And I’m getting a little frustrated because I’m like, ‘Claire, I don’t understand what’s going on right now. Let’s just find the road and get on to it.'”

Claire explained, “And I was also frustrated because I was like, ‘I’m looking at the map, and there should be a road, and there’s not a road, and I don’t know what to tell you.’ So both of us are getting more and more frustrated because we don’t understand what’s happening. I’m looking at the map, and there should be a road here, and there’s not. I’m trying to tell that to Derek, and Derek’s like, ‘No, you just can’t read the map.’ Which was true, but I didn’t know it.”

“At one point … Claire was like, ‘I know you wish that you could just do the whole race by yourself, but you can’t!'” Derek said. “I’m pretty sure even our cameraman was like, ‘Ooo, s***.'”

Claire continued, “And Derek was like, ‘This attitude isn’t productive. It’s not useful. We just need to find out where we’re going. I know you’re frustrated, but it’s not helping.’ And I was like, ‘F***. You’re right.’ And I apologized in that time.”


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‘The Amazing Race’ fans believe Derek and Claire can go the distance in season 34

After watching their recap video, some The Amazing Race Season 34 fans hopped on Reddit to discuss Derek and Claire.

“Good to hear that they did some practice with navigation after this leg,” one Reddit user said. “I was a little confused at their navigation issues because they made a point to highlight that as their strong suit in the beginning (and it was) … It sounds like they improved a lot in that aspect after this, though. So I feel more confident in their ability to make it to the end and have a chance at winning if that’s the case.”

A fan wrote, “Can’t believe the fight didn’t make it into the episode (probably because they ended up 3rd instead of bottom of the pack?).”

“It makes me feel like this team will probably go far because by not airing fights,” someone else commented. “The show is signaling that it wants us to stay on their side … which is easy to do as they’re super likable!”

The Amazing Race Season 34 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.