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The final six teams raced through Toulouse, France, in The Amazing Race 34 Episode 8. As always with the season of the CBS reality competition series, host Phil Keoghan eliminated one team at the end of the leg. And the network aired the trailer for The Amazing Race 34 Episode 9 directly following the hour’s conclusion. Read on for a recap of episode 8 and what to expect in the next leg of the race.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from The Amazing Race 34 Episode 8, “La Ville Rose.”]

Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss, who will continue racing in 'The Amazing Race 34' Episode 9, read a clue. Derek wears a light blue hoodie. Claire wears a purple long-sleeved shirt and black leggings.
Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss | Photo: CBS.

A recap of ‘The Amazing Race 34’ Episode 8

The Amazing Race 34 Episode 8 began with the remaining teams — Aubrey Ares and David Hernandez, Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss, Emily Bushnell and Molly Sinert, Luis Colon and Michelle Burgos, Marcus and Michael Craig, and Quinton Peron and Mattie Lynch — leaving in three groups.

Marcus, Michael, Emily, and Molly were the first to leave, followed by Derek, Claire, Luis, and Michelle, and then by Aubrey, David, Quinton, and Mattie. The racers had to drive themselves from Domme to Toulouse.

Since Marcus and Michael got lost on the way to the Roadblock, Emily, Molly, Derek, Claire, Luis, and Michelle passed them up. At the Roadblock, one teammate had to perform a rugby drill. Since Emily’s knee still bothered her, Molly completed the task, and she did so before any other team got there.

Claire and Luis quickly got through the Roadblock, and both teams passed up Emily and Molly because they got lost. At the Detour, the racers could either memorize and recite three portions of a French poem or lay bricks in a specific pattern. Derek and Claire chose to recite a poem, while Luis and Michelle laid bricks after initially choosing the French Detour. And Emily and Molly also picked the bricks challenge.

Back at the Roadblock, Marcus and Michael finally found the stadium. And even though Marcus had trouble kicking the ball, he completed the task before the two trailing teams arrived. Aubrey later finished the Roadblock before Quinton and Mattie got there. And when they did, Quinton’s athletic ability served him well, and he soared through the rugby drill.

Meanwhile, Derek and Claire easily recited the French poem and were the first team to arrive at the pit stop. Luis and Michelle came in second place, and Emily and Molly weren’t too far behind them in third place.

The last three teams all chose to speak French. Marcus and Michael later finished in fourth place, and Aubrey and David came in fifth. That meant that Quinton and Mattie were last, and they were eliminated from The Amazing Race 34.

Almost every team struggles in ‘The Amazing Race 34’ Episode 9 promo

After episode 8 aired, CBS previewed the eighth leg of The Amazing Race 34 in the trailer for episode 9. The final five teams are headed to Málaga, Spain!

The video shows contestants paddle boarding, biking, preparing fish, and completing a challenge that involves picture frames. And while the promo begins with excitement, that quickly diminishes. It seems as though almost every team, except for Derek and Claire, will struggle in The Amazing Race 34 Episode 9.

Marcus fumbles through the Roadblock, while Michael says, “I have zero confidence at this point.” Emily’s knee continues to be an issue, and she can’t jog. At one point, she says, “This is killing me … Oh, god. This is not good,” and Molly cries. Michelle also struggles with the Roadblock while Luis cheers her on. And Aubrey and David seemingly forget to season their fish.

Despite the hardship, this preview might spell good news for Derek and Claire. The video doesn’t show them having any trouble, so perhaps they finish in first place again.


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Which team will go home next?

Based on the preview, it’s a toss-up regarding which pair will be eliminated in The Amazing Race 34 Episode 9.

We think it’s safe to say that Derek and Claire are safe, and Luis and Michelle will probably move on to the ninth leg. They, along with Aubrey and David, are a team that can speak Spanish, which will undoubtedly serve them well in Spain. Of course, Aubrey and David have been at the pack of the back numerous times this season. So it’s reasonable to think that they might go home.

But just going off the preview and episode 8, it’s more likely that either Emily and Molly or Marcus and Michael are sent packing. Emily’s injured knee could be the long-lost twins’ downfall. And Marcus and Michael’s problems in Toulouse could carry over to the leg in Spain.

The Amazing Race 34 Episode 9, “Vamos a la Playa,” airs Wednesday, Nov. 16, at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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