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The Amazing Race had to make many adjustments to abide by coronavirus (COVID-19) protocols when they resumed production in late 2021. However, some fans haven’t been happy with how the show has run for a while now. And they expressed their annoyance with production after watching The Amazing Race Season 34.

Derek Xiao, who is competing in 'The Amazing Race' Season 34 on CBS, wears a light purple shirt while working on a sculpture.
Pictured: Derek Xiao | Photo: CBS

One fan vents their frustrations with ‘The Amazing Race’ Season 34

A fan of The Amazing Race started a Reddit thread called, “This show really needs some changes.”

They wrote, “[Season 34] has really highlighted for me all the issues this show has turned into. It’s no longer a race, it’s no longer amazing. It’s just a simple task competition. Unless you’re an utter fool, it’s nearly impossible to get lost anymore.”

“Racers should no longer be able to use people’s cell phones directly,” the Reddit user added. “Locals who are asked questions should not be able to use their cell phones. Basically: no more cell phones allowed! Cars should be manual in nations where that’s the standard. Bring back the money! Racers start the next leg at the time they arrived, like the good ole days. Racers have to buy their maps.”

They concluded, “I think these changes would do wonders to reinvigorate the show.”

And this fan wasn’t the only one who wanted to see changes in The Amazing Race.

What other changes do fans want to see?

One Reddit user commented on the thread, “I think there’s a few key changes they need to make to this show that could improve it: Focus more on the travel aspect and less on the tasks. Gradually, the show has taken a downhill swing because they focus a ton on mediocre tasks that can be done anywhere instead of the beautiful locations they’re visiting. Less time is being spent interacting with locals too.”

Eliminate most twists,” they added. “I’d keep/bring back the yield and have one U-Turn per game, but most of the twists over the years have been lame. I applaud more recent seasons having more diverse casts, but more recent seasons are lacking in age diversity which is something the race needs more of. Every team on a modern season of the race is mostly [less than] 40 years or younger, and I think that’s unfair. The casting has gotten bland in a way many may not be aware of.”

CBS launched a diversity initiative in 2020 that stated that at least 50 percent of their reality series’ casts had to be Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). However, there is no mandate regarding age diversity.

Another fan commented, “Don’t forget the contestants booking their own flights.” And someone else added, “I definitely miss the airport drama the show used to have.”

The Amazing Race Season 33 and Season 34 had to use a charter plane because of COVID-19. In every other season, teams had to find their own means of transportation.


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‘The Amazing Race’ Season 34 host Phil Keoghan promises flights will return to normal soon

Although we’re not sure if CBS will make all of these changes to The Amazing Race following season 34, we do know that they have plans to bring back standard travel.

Host Phil Keoghan wrote on Twitter, “Booking flights will be back as soon as the ‘return to work’ COVID protocols are off our back. Right now, having a charter [equals The Amazing Race] on TV … no charter [equals] no [The Amazing Race] on TV.”

New episodes of The Amazing Race Season 34 air Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.